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How long is delivery time of bulk opp tape?
The delivery time of bulk opp tape basically is not more than the average time in the market. It is mainly determined by factors like goods quantity, transportation methods, the productivity of our factory. There may be some uncertainties like weather change and delay that have a minor influence on the delivery. Our factory has undergone a productivity upgrade, which effectively improves the annual output of the product. So we can ensure the on-time manufacturing for the order. We work with a reliable logistics company which has a delightful shipment accuracy.
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DONGGUAN CITY GANG YUAN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD.’s products can be widely used in many fields, such as double sided tape. We will show you the bopp tape series that is most popular with customers. The manufacture of Gangyuan painters masking tape involves a wide range of stages, including the procurement of metal materials, components and parts processing, welding, assembly, and testing. Its thickness allowance will be controlled within 3%. The product is characterized by its self-lubrication. The end face of the product has a high surface finish and flatness which facilitates the lubrication. The product is available in many different sizes and viscosity levels.
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