You can choose our existing products of Masking Tape And Adhesive Tape for OEM, or we can make samples and mass-production according to your needs or your sample.

We can also inspect the goods and issue quality inspection reports by a designated third-party inspection company.


One Stop Solution Service Provider for all kind of Charging Products


leading manufacturer of OPP, PVC, masking and Kraft adhesive tape

We adhere to the requirements of "high quality, high standards" and create a comprehensive service model with advanced concepts to provide systematic, efficient and perfect service solutions for the majority of consumers.


Gangyuan Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of OPP tape, PVC tape, masking tape, adhesive tape and Kraft adhesive tape. 

Located in Dongguan City, we are conveniently situated close to the logistical hubs of Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Moreover, we possess 2 advanced Italian Ghezzi & Annoni machines allowing us to output 500,000 square metres of OPP tape, 100,000 square metres of PVC tape, and 200, 000 square metres of masking tape daily. 

At the same time, we focus much of our effort on maintaining strict quality control. Accordingly, we own a temperature & humidity tester, a tensile strength tester and a tape retentivity tester. As a result, all of our products are produced in accordance with applicable international standards.

  • Gangyuan Office Building
    Gangyuan Office Building
  • Gangyuan Office
    Gangyuan Office
  • Warehouse of Masking Tape And Adhesive Tape
    Warehouse of Masking Tape And Adhesive Tape
  • Glue Workshop
    Glue Workshop
  • Coating Line Workshop For Masking Tape And Adhesive Tape
    Coating Line Workshop For Masking Tape And Adhesive Tape
  • Laboratory Room
    Laboratory Room
  • Paper Core Workshop
    Paper Core Workshop
  • Slitting Workshop
    Slitting Workshop


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