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How are OPP Tapes made?

How are OPP Tapes made?


1.Procurement row materials

Bopp films, adhesive materials, paper core, carton box etc., used as raw materials are procured.

2.Manufacture of adhesives

Adhesive reaction is a chemical reaction, put raw materials in the reactor in different time, cost 8 hours to finish reaction to get hot adhesive, and need time to cooling.

3.Coating of adhesive

Use coating machine, the adhesives are applied to bopp films.


Bopp films with wet adhesives are dried in the drying oven.

5.Winding and coiling

After drying, the adhesive-coated films are wound into a jumbo roll. 


Slit jumbo roll according to the required size.


The properties, such as appearance, width, length, adhesive strength are inspected.


Only the products which pass the quality check are packed.


Loading container and export.

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