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How about production process for wholesale opp tape?
To design successful wholesale opp tape, it's vital to start with all the production processes in mind in order to create exceptional new designs that are affordable. To be stand out, DONGGUAN CITY GANG YUAN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. must pay attention to customers' requests in production. Every production stage should be overseen with great care.
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GANG YUAN has independently produced many new double sided tape. GANG YUAN has created a number of successful series, and bopp tape is one of them. The production of Gangyuan white duct tape covers a wide range of stages. They include the procurement of raw materials, parts processing, secondary processes such as plating and anodizing, complete mechanical assembly, and testing. It has good temperature resistance performance. The product can absorb foot sweat. It is designed to provide a dry and ventilated foot environment by adopting the double separation structure. Containing no harmful glue, it is safe to use.
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GANG YUAN will maintain and carry forward the 'more innovative, more perfect' spirit of enterprise and enthusiastically serve the majority of users. Inquire online!

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