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Whether the scotch tape is insulated

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-16

The glue on the scotch tape is acrylic resin glue, which is also called pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the main component is fat tincture. The glue of various tapes is different. In life, sometimes when you need to use insulating tape at home, but it happens that you don't have it, many people use transparent tape instead of insulating tape, but is the transparent tape really insulated? The insulation performance of scotch tape is very small. Once a high-power voltage is encountered, it will be very dangerous to wrap bare wires with scotch tape, which will cause safety problems such as fires on the wires. Therefore, scotch tape is mainly used for office and box sealing, not for insulation, otherwise there will be unexpected consequences. The scotch tape itself is not insulated, and we definitely don’t want to use the scotch tape for insulation. We can use insulating tape, which has good insulation voltage resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance, etc., and is suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation protection, etc.
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