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Scotch tape has what function

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-18
Scotch tape has what function - 2018 07 - 17 scotch tape is easy to carry, and easy to use, thus has a wide range of function in our daily life. Now many students also use sticky tape to fix the workbook and textbooks, in the experimental teaching, the paper tape played a more important role. Through the transparent cavity is the main raw material and production process of paper investigation and study, to determine the detection line mark characteristics can be used for transparent adhesive tape paper, and demonstrates the characteristics of these characteristics and specificity. It provides scientific basis for transparent tape detection. Scotch tape on the role of the criminal case to case. First of all, we know the viscosity of transparent adhesive tape and transparency is the most special place. Testing, if you meet some can't use a rubber wipe pen characters. Transparent adhesive tape on the role of the test, the tape cover to be removed, then remove tape, namely the desirable under the paper writing. In this way, we can keep the paper clean and tidy, this will not affect our answer. Some people will cheat with transparent tape. Second, many for our winter wear thick clothes, hair loss will happen often. Every day I put on my body, I always feel full of hair on the clothes, and who are not so beautiful. Treat the role of scotch tape paper is easy to fluff, at this point, we might as well head was plastered with transparent tape on clothes, believe it will also have the effect of special paste tools. Repair rubber cloth moulding-die function of transparent adhesive tape paper, also will damage the rubber cloth removed, draw a tag on the back, and then use a pair of scissors cut out a small piece of scotch tape, bigger than a tag directly on the tag. Because of relatively thin transparent tape, so the thickness of only about four pillars. If a layer is not enough, you can add one or two layers. But, you should cut points in sequence, the edge without hard mouth, then can be installed. The advantages of this method is that the size and shape of the transparent tape depends on the embossed marking, and cut and paste is a success.
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