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make your own belly bands!

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-12
I found these directions online to make your own belly band and it worked great! (Wear one now! )Find a knit T-
Shirt for your bodypregnancy.
This shirt will make a belly band and will fit your belly after a few weeks of pregnancy.
You may need to use T-as your belly gets bigger-
Shirt in larger size.
Cotton selection T-
Knitted shirt, or 90-
Percentage of cotton and 10-Percetn spandex.
Put the shirt flat on the table and face up.
Cut the shirt horizontally under the sleeve hole with sharp scissors.
Discard the upper part of the shirt.
Make the hem above.
Bring the shirt over.
Put the band flat on the table. Fold out a 1-
Inch hem and pin down.
Sew the hem close to the original edge with zigzag stitching.
The zigzag stitching provides stretching to prevent stitches from breaking when you wear your belly band.
If you have a serger, roll this hem up with a stretch needle.
Turn the finished product right. The factory-
The finished edge of the T-shirt means you don\'t have to sew the bottom edge.
The belly band is ready to wear.
I used some old elastic spaghettis straps so they are also a little tighter and if you are not very big and just need a little space you can get regular T-shirts at Walmart, or aim at the target at a smaller price than you wear.
If you don\'t sew, you can use iron on tape or fabric glue.
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