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Effect of ambient temperature on the use of sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-24

Changes in the ambient temperature can directly affect the effect of pasting or bonding the sealing tape. The adhesive of the sealing tape product is mainly pressure-sensitive glue. When the ambient temperature rises, the force between the molecular weights of the adhesive of the sealing tape decreases, and it is easier to wet and penetrate the surface of the adhered object, which can better exert and reflect the stickiness of the sealing tape. At the same time as the ambient temperature rises, the surface molecular weight movement of the pasted or adhesive is active and the adhesive molecules are better combined, and the stickiness or adhesion is stronger. It should be noted that the higher the temperature, the better the viscosity of the sealing tape will be. The performance of any item will have a critical point. When the performance of the item exceeds the critical point it can withstand, it will have a negative effect. For example: when the temperature of the sealing tape reaches a certain limit when the temperature is too high, the molecular weight of the pressure-sensitive adhesive of the sealing tape loses its 'shackle' and 'high temperature glue flow' will occur. Similarly, if the ambient temperature is too low, the adhesive molecules will get less energy from the outside world, and the adhesive tape will also decrease. When the temperature drops to the glass transition temperature of the adhesive, the molecular weight of the pressure-sensitive adhesive of the sealing tape moves slowly and it is difficult to quickly infiltrate the surface to be adhered. At the same time, applying the same pressure can effectively increase the contact area of ​​the sealing tape and improve some adhesion. , but it can be seen that the effect of bonding is not obvious, and the low ambient temperature can directly lead to the phenomenon of low bonding strength or 'low temperature loss of viscosity'.
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