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What kind of tape is high temperature resistant tape

by:Gangyuan      2020-07-08
1:. Introduction of high temperature heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes is under high temperature and the working environment to use adhesive tape. Is mainly used in the electronics industry USES, heat-resistant performance between 120 to 260 degrees, usually used to spray paint, lacquer that bake, leather processing, coating cover fixed, printed circuit boards and electronic parts process and heat treatment to cover. High temperature tape high temperature including KAPTON tape; Teflon high temperature adhesive tape; High temperature textured paper tape, PET green high temperature adhesive tape; High temperature tape, etc. : 2: high temperature resistant tape identification of high-temperature tape main consists of 2 parts base material and glue 2 parts, parts manufacturers to reduce costs, is also a way to lower the price of, its real quality at a discount greatly; KAPTON high-temperature tape, for example, false heat resistance performance and insulation performance are far lower than the real polyimide tape, it actually is the dark brown's PET film base material used, coating of silica gel, because the temperature of the practical application of some industry does not need too high, no more than 260 degrees, the highest heat resistance is 220 ° of PET, so in general is not easy to find, what's more, using as a silica gel water and use other glue, its temperature resistance is far less than 150 °. 3: high temperature resistant adhesive tape is mainly from the following points for identification, 1) Taste; ( 2) Appearance; ( 3) After burning residue; ( 4) 。 Actual high temperature test, the high temperature of 260 °, check whether there is residual glue, the phenomenon such as shrinkage.
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