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What is the size of Bopp tape jumbo roll?

by:Gangyuan      2023-07-20

Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll: Understanding Size, Uses, and Advantages

Introduction to Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (Bopp) tape is a widely used packaging material due to its exceptional strength, flexibility, and adhesive properties. Bopp tape jumbo roll serves as the raw material for manufacturing smaller rolls that are commonly found in homes, offices, and industries. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of Bopp tape jumbo roll, focusing particularly on its size, applications, and advantages.

Deriving the Perfect Dimensions

The dimensions of a Bopp tape jumbo roll play a crucial role in determining its usability and practicality. Known for its versatility, Bopp tape jumbo roll usually comes in varying lengths and widths. While the length can range from 4000 to 6000 meters, the width typically ranges between 980 and 1620 millimeters. These dimensions are carefully selected to cater to the diverse needs of industries engaged in shipping, logistics, and packaging.

Understanding the Uses of Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll

Bopp tape jumbo rolls find widespread applications across many industries. It serves as a primary material for the production of smaller rolls used in office stationary, gift wrapping, carton sealing, and more. Additionally, Bopp tape plays a vital role in industries that require reliable packaging solutions, such as e-commerce, food processing, and electronics.

The Many Advantages of Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll

Bopp tape jumbo roll offers a wide range of advantages, making it an ideal choice for packaging and sealing purposes. Firstly, Bopp tape is highly resistant to water, moisture, and oils, providing excellent protection against external elements that could damage the contents of a package. Furthermore, it is resistant to fire, making it a safer option for industries that handle flammable materials. Additionally, Bopp tape jumbo rolls are easy to handle and can be conveniently cut to the required size, making them user-friendly and adaptable to different packaging scenarios.

Cost-Effective Solution for Businesses

One of the significant advantages of using Bopp tape jumbo roll is its cost-effectiveness. As businesses often require a large quantity of packaging material, Bopp tape jumbo rolls provide an economical solution compared to purchasing smaller rolls individually. By using Bopp tape jumbo rolls, businesses can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and streamline their packaging operations.

Customization Options

Bopp tape jumbo rolls can be easily customized to meet specific business requirements. Various factors such as colors, branding, patterns, and even logo printing can be incorporated onto the tape's surface, enhancing the professional appearance of the packaging. This feature is especially beneficial for companies that want to create a unique visual identity or enhance the marketing potential of their products through attractive packaging.

Environmental Aspects

With sustainability being a growing concern, Bopp tape jumbo rolls offer eco-friendly features. Bopp tapes are recyclable, and the ability to reuse them aligns with the principles of a circular economy. By opting for Bopp tape jumbo rolls, businesses can contribute to reducing waste and environmental impact, promoting a greener future.


In conclusion, the size of a Bopp tape jumbo roll is significant, with dimensions varying based on industry requirements. Understanding the uses, advantages, and customization options of Bopp tape jumbo roll allows businesses to make informed decisions when selecting packaging materials. From its versatile applications to cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits, Bopp tape jumbo rolls continue to play a crucial role in packaging industries worldwide.

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