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What are the uses of scotch tape? Teach you how to use tips!

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-20

do you know? Since its invention, adhesive tape has always been a tool that has attracted much attention and praise. Adhesive tape is ubiquitous in our daily life. And the price is very affordable and practical, and it can be used almost anywhere. Let's not underestimate it too much, it has a wide range of uses!

For example, it is very convenient to use it for packaging, but it has some special functions in printing. It can quickly solve some problems in our printing production, greatly improve our work efficiency, and enable our enterprise to reduce costs and increase efficiency very well.

1. Paste the trailing tip of the printing plate
In a machine with manual plate loading, because the plate tightening screw may not be tightened, after printing thousands or tens of thousands of sheets, the trailing tip of the printing plate will appear cracks, which will gradually increase until the operator is forced to change the plate, resulting in inevitable spoiled. In this case, it is recommended not to change the plate directly, but to wipe off the ink and water stains at the crack of the trailing tip of the printing plate first, and then use a wide scotch tape to directly paste the crack of the printing plate together with the plate clamp. In this way, you can still continue to print without affecting the quality of the product. Of course, this method is used in time when the printing plate is just cracked. If the crack is too long, it cannot be completely attached by transparent tape. It can't be delayed, we still have to change the version. This method is very effective for short-run jobs, and it can be dealt with in an emergency, without stopping the machine halfway to change the version, and the printing can be completed.

2. Dealing with the scratches on the graphic part of the drawing gauge
When the pull gauge positions the paper, the paper is pulled by the pull gauge ball pressed against the pull gauge bar. Due to the effect of the pressure spring force of the pull gauge and the rough wire groove on the surface of the pull gauge, a shallow scratch will be left on the reverse side of the paper at the moment of movement. This has no effect on white paper, but for printed products that have been printed on one side and are to be reversed, if the graphic on the printed product is just below the position of the puller ball, it will be scratched and the quality of the product will be affected. influences. In particular, some albums, samples, and covers are all large-format graphics and texts. Once there are scratches, the product may be scrapped. To this end, I tried to stick a small piece of scotch tape on the guide bar to reduce the friction of the grooved guide bar on the printed graphics, thereby eliminating scratch marks. The result was indeed as I expected, and the printed pictures and texts were not scratched at all. In this way, the seemingly complicated questions were easily dealt with.

3. Repair the blanket crimp

Two methods can be used: blanket reducing agent and double-sided tape paper paste. This not only costs less but also has quick results. But these two approaches also have many drawbacks. For example, after being wiped with a blanket reducing agent, thousands of sheets will be printed, and the rubber layer at the crease will sink down again, which may have to be repeated several times. If I use double-sided adhesive tape, I feel that the thickness is a bit too big (at least ten wires), and the printed flat screen part is generally not flat, there are always some traces of repairs, and the operation is also a bit troublesome. In fact, in life and practice, there are many tips for tape. The first thing is to have the ability to observe everything in the world, be diligent in thinking and use your brain, and there are 101 solutions to 100 problems, so that complex problems can be solved easily.
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