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What are the specifications of common transparent sealing tapes

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-29

Transparent sealing tape is widely used in the sealing of packaging or articles, and can also be used for sealing and repairing, bundling and fixing, and can also be used on light and heavy packaging objects according to the thickness of the substrate. There are many kinds of transparent sealing tapes of different specifications commonly seen on the market, and the specifications of transparent tapes used in different products are also different. Because transparent sealing tape products can produce transparent tapes of different specifications according to the different needs of manufacturers, the key is to meet the requirements and save unnecessary costs. When purchasing transparent sealing tape, the first thing to consider is the size of the carton to be packed or sealed, the weight of the carton, the degree of tightness of the carton, whether additional packing tape is required, etc., depending on the specific situation. Knowing the above requirements, you can choose or order a transparent sealing tape with corresponding performance. Sealing tape can be divided into three grades: low viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity. Low viscosity sealing tape: below 40μm, medium viscosity sealing tape: between 40μm and 45μm, high viscosity sealing tape: 45μm -50μm , Ultra-high viscosity sealing tape: 50μm or more.
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