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What are the differences in the use of good quality sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-19

The purpose of using sealing tape in daily life is not only to stick, but also to stick firmly without falling apart or falling apart. There are too many tape products with impurities on the market that will collapse after a period of time during packaging operations, and cannot be pasted again, especially in low temperature environments and windy dry conditions. Inferior tape is obviously brittle. The low tensile strength is mainly related to the quality of the film. There is another situation: the paper tubes in the sealing tape, the tape paper tubes produced by regular enterprises all use high-density paper tubes, and the thickness of the paper tube without paper scraps on the cut surface is 3 mm, and the thickness of the paper tube under 100 meters is 3 mm. The above is 4 to 5 mm. In order to deceive consumers, small companies use thick paper tubes with a thickness of 5-7mm. The difference in glue thickness can be clearly seen from the appearance. So when choosing the tape, pay attention to the width and thickness of the tape.
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