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What affects the stickiness of double-sided tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-30

The double-sided tape has the characteristics of strong tensile strength, good adhesion, and no residual glue when peeled off. There are many types of double-sided tape products on the market. The thickness of each double-sided tape is different, and its viscosity will be different. The factors that directly or indirectly affect the viscosity of double-sided tape are as follows: 1. Weather and environmental temperature factors: normal The stickiness of double-sided tape is at room temperature, and the stickiness is the best state. For example: under the external conditions of ultra-low temperature, the molecular weight of the adhesive of the double-sided tape is not so active, which can directly affect the stickiness of the double-sided tape. 2. Factors of double-sided tape, such as: the thicker the double-sided tape layer, the more glue is applied, the better its viscosity will be. At the same time, it should be noted that there will be a critical point for adhesive tape coating. When the amount of glue applied reaches the critical point it can bear, there will be a glue overflow failure. 3. The glue system of the double-sided tape can directly determine the stickiness of the adherend. For example: the printing industry uses acrylic double-sided tape or oily double-sided tape, such as: using other types of double-sided tape can not achieve normal use or sticking effect. Another analogy: No matter how sticky the water-based double-sided tape is, it cannot be dissolved in oil-based printing, and cannot achieve the desired effect. Fourth, the influence of the quality of the adhesive on the double-sided tape. That is to say, the amount of butyl fat in the glue can directly affect the sticking firmness of the double-sided tape, which is a very important influencing factor.
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