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Use of high temperature insulating tape

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-16

High-temperature insulating tape has the advantages of strong adhesion, high tensile strength, good weather resistance, no adhesive residue when removed, good fit, and conforms to ROHS environmental protection. The product is divided into medium viscosity and high viscosity to be suitable for high temperature resistant tapes in various temperature stages. The main uses of high temperature insulating tape are as follows: 1. It is used for high-strength double-sided bonding and insulation protection in plastics, electronics, electrical instruments and other industries. 2. High-temperature insulating tape is suitable for digital product membrane switches, such as: bonding products made of PP, PC, ABS and other plastics. 3. It is used for insulation protection and reinforcement protection in electronics, home appliances, instruments and other industries. 4. In the range of high and low temperature, it can exert the special performance of high temperature insulating tape products and can be used for bonding or fixing.
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