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There are bubbles in the sealing tape. Is the tape bad? How to solve it?

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-03

The packing tape we see every day is usually called box sealing tape, scotch tape, scotch tape, etc. When shopping for sealing tape, many people will find air bubbles in the sealing tape. Many sealing tapes bought in the market or supermarket have less foam, is there a problem with the quality of the manufacturer's tape, and there are no physical stores? So why are there air bubbles on the sealing tape, now let Jinshijin tape tell you why there are air bubbles on the tape.

1. The main reason for the air bubbles in the sealing tape is that the glue is evenly applied to the film of the tape after being subjected to high temperature treatment. After drying, the glue is dried and cured at high temperature, and adhered to the film. A fine layer of air bubbles forms from the surface.

2. After the semi-finished tape is cut into small tapes, tape bubbles will naturally appear. Due to the short time of the tape, the cured glue cannot be completely volatilized in a short time.

3. After several months of sealing with the sealing tape, the air bubbles on the tape will naturally volatilize, and the entire sealing tape will be naturally transparent and can be clearly seen. However, this affects the adhesiveness of the tape and seals the box. The viscosity of the tape remains unchanged. The above is why we told you why there are air bubbles in the sealing tape, the air bubbles are not constantly changing. I hope I can help you.

Many sealant tapes that are fresh from the manufacturer are blistered. After a while, the bubbles will disappear automatically. The longer it sits, the more transparent the tape becomes. When buying and using, you can rest assured that the tape with bubbles is normal and will not affect the quality.

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