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seal tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-07
What is the material of the sealing tape? What are the processes for making the sealing tape?

2019-07-16 14:49:43

Nowadays, many people start e-commerce business, so sometimes it needs to be packaged, and then there is a product that must be used for sealing tape. Many are more questionable when it comes to the materials used for box sealing tape. Also, what is the production process of the box sealing tape, as long as you know you can buy it well, you can use it more safely.

What is the material of the sealing tape?

Sealing tape is also called bopp tape, packing tape, etc. It is based on BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film, evenly coated with pressure-sensitive latex to form 8μm-28μm. The rubber layer is an indispensable item in light industrial enterprises, companies and personal life. There is no perfect tape industry standard in the country. only one industry standard“QB/T2422-1998BOPP pressure sensitive tape for sealing”After high-voltage corona treatment of BOPP original film, one side is rough, glue is applied on the top to form a master roll, and then cut into small rolls of different specifications by a slitting machine, which is the adhesive tape we use every day. . Pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion, the main component is butyl ester.

What are the production processes of sealing tape?

First of all, there are two types of scotch tape: one is to process the parent roll of a large company, and you need to buy a slitting machine; the second is to buy a coating machine for gluing, and then you need to buy opp film and water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Come back and process it. Of course, there are also some accessories, such as paper tubes, cartons, arrow signs, etc.

Second, the specific method has several steps. One, procurement, the required raw materials are roughly as follows: acrylic acid, polypropylene film; then glue, acrylic acid is added to the emulsification tank for emulsification, after emulsification, acrylic acid reacts, and then the reactants are made into glue in the reactor. Then carry out coating treatment, process polypropylene film, and print patterns, characters, customer logos, etc. at the same time, so that the produced sealing tape is beautiful and elegant, and the promotional effect is enhanced to achieve a promotional effect.

Third, the glue and tape are then glued through a tape coater, at which point the semi-finished product is called“parent volume”. The slitting process is mainly to install the blade holder of the specification you want to cut, and make the main roller and blade. Adjust the tube puller and adjust the position of the paper tube on the reel. The mother roll is pulled along multiple axes, the knife holder is lowered, the tape is pressed into the paper tube, the counter is adjusted, and the finished product begins.

Fourth, another step is packaging. The packaging needs to be small in size, well fixed, stable in storage, and meet standardized requirements. The appropriate packaging technology and packaging method should be selected according to the requirements of product protection strength, ease of use, ease of mechanical handling and transportation. Products or materials should be placed flat and in exact quantities in the package. Mistakes or disclosures are strictly prohibited.

What is the material of the sealing tape that the above text introduces to you? The materials considered fall into various categories. The effect of different materials is different. When buying, prices vary. When people shop, they should pay more attention to cost performance. You should know it after reading it.
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