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Matters needing attention when using transparent sealing tape in tape sealing machine

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-18

The following points should be paid attention to when using the transparent sealing tape in the tape sealing machine: 1. First place the tape sealing machine on a horizontal plane, lock the brake casters, adjust the tripod to a suitable height, and make the machine stand in a horizontal position. 2. Put the cartons to be sealed on the conveying table and adjust the lifting handle so that the conveying bottom plane of the head seat of the upper transparent sealing tape is about 3-5mm lower than the height of the cartons. Loosen the locking handwheel, adjust the conveying clamp so that the conveying clamp is close to the carton, and then lock the locking handwheel. Adjust the carton positioning wheel so that the carton positioning wheel and the conveying clamp stick close to the carton at the same time, and then lock the locking hand wheel. 3. Turn on the power switch, make the machine work, and then push the carton into the carton for tape sealing. For example, if you find that the tapes for upper and lower sealing are inconsistent, adjust the knob of the tape holder (if the tape is too tight, relax the spring pressure; if the tape is too loose, tighten the spring pressure). 4. For example: the lengths of the two ends of the transparent sealing tape are inconsistent, adjust the cutting blade in the tape head (such as: the head is long and the tail is short, adjust and loosen the locking screw of the cutting blade, move the cutter out a little, and then lock it screw, otherwise the head is short and the tail is long, then move the cutter inward a little).
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