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Influencing factors of non-stick masking tape

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-24

Masking tape can be divided into: normal temperature masking tape, medium temperature masking tape and high temperature masking tape according to different temperatures. When using masking tape products, there is a phenomenon of non-stickiness. The factors that affect the viscosity of the product should be noted as follows: 1. The electronegativity of the adherend and the adhesive: the electronegativity is two substances with opposite charges electrostatic force between them. Acidic substances generally appear as positive points, while alkaline substances generally appear as negative points. According to the principle of positive and negative attraction, the greater the electronegativity between the adherend and the adhesive, the tighter the adhesion. 2. The acid-base difference between the adherend and the adhesive: the acid-base difference refers to the difference between the pH values ​​of the two substances. 3. High temperature: The stickiness of the tape will decrease over time in a high temperature environment. 4. Low temperature: Low temperature will reduce the activity of the adhesive, which will inhibit the performance of the adhesive. 5. Moisture and water: Moisture affects the bonding strength in two ways. The adhesive tape will lose its adhesive strength due to hydrolysis in a hot and humid environment, and even liquefy in severe cases. Moreover, moisture or steam penetrates into the adhesive layer, replacing the adhesive at the bonding interface or affecting the proper performance of the adhesive. Therefore, the decrease in bonding strength under wet conditions is the most common factor affecting the adhesiveness of the adhesive tape.
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