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Identify the quality of the masking tape by its appearance

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-16

Masking tape is a high-tech decoration and spraying paper (also known as color separation tape paper because of its special performance), widely used in interior decoration, painting of household appliances and spraying of high-end luxury cars. Masking tape has brought a new technological revolution to the decoration and spraying industry because of its clear and bright color separation effect and arc art effect, which makes the industry glow with new vitality. So when we buy masking tape, how can we distinguish its quality from its appearance? The following points are the methods we use to distinguish from the appearance: 1. Compared with the appearance of the masking tape, there is less glue on it, and the color of the whole roll of the doped masking tape is very dark. After the masking tape is pulled apart The tape has high light transmittance. 2. The masking tape mixed with impurities has many irregularly distributed white spots, which are different from air bubbles if they do not disperse when pressed by hand. 3. The good masking tape adopts the method of soft cutting transfer and gluing, and there is no line situation (the ink leakage and less printing of the printing tape are related to the printing machine). 4. The color of the whole roll of good masking tape is not much different from the color after being pulled apart, because good masking tape has a strong shielding property, and there is no color superposition. 5. Just look at the surface of the masking tape. There are air bubbles when the masking tape has just been stripped into finished products. The bubbles will basically dissipate after being placed for a week. point.
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