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anti slip tape for a safer workplace

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-16
Non-slip adhesive tape is a cheap and effective way to add extra grip to potentially dangerous floors.
Learn to keep safe using anti-slip tape.
The most common types of workplace accidents are slipping and traveling.
Last year, more than 10,000 workers suffered serious injuries due to slipping or traveling and lost several pounds in sick leave and compensation cases.
The fact is that mistakes in the workplace and travel can easily be avoided if you take appropriate accident precautions.
Non-slip tape is cheap and easy to apply, but has a great impact on the safety of employees and the public.
Non-slip tape or non-slip tape is usually used to align the outer edge of the steps and stairs, and sometimes to align the ramp.
If a person climbs the stairs or the steps arranged with tape, then their feet are too close to the edge of the steps and may lose their foothold, anti-slip tape will keep their feet firmly in place.
The use of this non-slip adhesive tape prevents thousands of accidents every year, especially to help smooth floor surfaces such as tiles, wood or laminate, or to prevent the floor from getting wet due to cleaning, overflow or muddy or rainy weather that is stepped on inside.
Non-slip tape is also durable outdoors.
Roads, ramps and steps can become slippery due to water and mud, and the application of non-slip adhesive tape on these surfaces can ensure the safety of users.
However, there is no need to use anti-slip belts in the workplace.
More and more elderly people or families with young children attach tape to steps and ramps.
Tapes can be purchased in non-noticeable designs that are ideal for home use, such as pure black or white to match the floor or even clear.
The disabled access ramp is usually very steep or easy to slide in wet weather.
Adding anti-slip strips at intervals on the ramp will provide wheelchair users with additional wheel grip, which is often essential for steep or longer slopes.
Article 1995 of the Disability Discrimination Act provides that it is the responsibility of employers and schools to develop accessibility plans for disability, and the anti-slip belt will help you to achieve these legislation.
Further uses of non-slip adhesive tape include lining racks that support fragile items, keeping the carpet or mat in place, attaching a small piece to the sole for additional grip, or prevent fragile items from slipping and falling off the table or shelf.
Non-slip adhesive tape can be cut into shape and size and will remain stable on the lower side of items such as phone or pen basin.
They don\'t stick to the surface, so you can still move the objects freely, but they will have extra grip to protect them if accidentally hit.
You can buy many different types of anti-slip belts.
Different widths allow you to override the whole step, or align their edges sparingly.
Buy bright tape such as yellow or yellow and black dangerous stripes, or choose a more neutral color such as black or white or even transparent tape to match your floor.
It makes sense to choose the most prominent color on the floor unless you are particularly worried about changing the look of the area.
The bright eye color increases the chance of danger being seen, thus avoiding danger.
Some non-slip tape manufacturers have even designed photo-glowing tape that glows in a dark design.
This is ideal for attracting attention to the dangers of insufficient light.
Examples of photo glowing anti-slip bands use the lined stairs in the warehouse that are occupied by night shift workers, or mark the steps in depressed restaurants.
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