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by:Gangyuan      2020-01-16
Tape is an integral part of our lives now.
We all use some from time to time.
Whatever purpose you think of, there may be corresponding tape because there are a lot of different kinds of tape on the market.
Some are known to the public, others are not.
Features may vary.
Glue type adhesive type used in adhesive tape is important.
The main categories are rubber, acrylic and silicone.
The rubber is usually natural and has a greater strength, but leaves a residue when you remove the rubber.
It also has no high heat resistance.
Acrylic resin has better heat resistance from rubber and will not leave residue.
Silicone has maximum heat resistance but no strength of rubber.
Temperature and fire resistance for a wide range of temperatures, there are various types of tape.
Most of them are normal if they don\'t have any specific signs.
From 0 °C to 80 °C.
There are also tapes that can be borne-
100 °C and other temperatures that can withstand temperatures up to 500 °C.
If your project involves an unusual temperature range, then it is wise to look for the right tape, because even between the same species (e. g.
Tape, aluminum tape, glass tape, etc)
According to the quality of the material used, the temperature resistance has changed greatly.
Note that there is a difference between the Resistance temperature and the operating temperature range.
The operating temperature range is the range where we can use the tape and paste it successfully.
Resistance temperature refers to the maximum temperature that the tape can withstand without damaging the tape after successfully pasting it to the surface.
Some special tape also provides flame retardant properties.
Anti-ultraviolet (ultraviolet)
Radiation ultraviolet rays can damage many exposed materials.
That\'s why it goes bad when you put the white masking tape in the sun.
If we want to use tape where there is plenty of natural light, we should get a tape that can withstand UV radiation.
Usually, if it is suitable for outdoor use, it means it can also resist UV rays.
The tape can be an electrical conductor or an electrical insulator.
Insulation for electrical and electronic equipment.
Conduction class (e. g.
Copper or aluminum)
For the minimum resistance they have.
Another important feature of tapes is their flexibility.
Elastic bands are more difficult to cut and more malleable, but are not suitable for precise fixation due to their longitudinal or lateral expansion.
This tape is electrical tape, rubber tape and other tape.
Those with small elasticity are more prone to deformation, easy to cut, and the length and width remain the same.
This tape has fabric tape, metal tape, aluminum tape, etc.
In the tape specification you will see two different numbers.
Adhesive strength (
Or adhesive strength or adhesive power)
Surface and tensile strength.
Adhesive strength means being able to withstand the load of a piece of tape without leaving the surface we apply.
Measuring surfaces can change at times, but are usually of a metal nature.
Tape with a rubber base often provides greater adhesive strength.
Tensile strength (
Or impact strength or resistance)
, Is a piece of tape can withstand much force without breaking.
Tensile strength is related to temperature.
Some tapes may offer special features that are often advertised.
If there is no specific indication on the tape, then don\'t expect any indication on your tape.
The most common feature is: Tape is one of the most common types.
It has different sizes and colors, and the most common is white or yellow (Universal use)and blue (
For painting)
But it can also be found in many other colors.
It has different levels, each with different features.
Some can withstand temperatures of up to 150 °C, some can resist weather conditions, and some can resist chemicals.
There are two big differences between white and blue paper strips;
Blue tape has a greater resistance to UV radiation, so it may take longer to expose in the sun without being destroyed.
Another difference is that if the blue tape is only used for a short period of time, it will fall off more easily.
This property makes the blue paper strip perfect for painting as it does not break the paint on the ground floor.
Glass, paper, cardboard, etc.
Commonly used in painting (
Especially blue)
To cover the surface we do not want to apply, and the surface on the package.
Affordable price.
Start with 0.
5 euros for the big five.
From very small to very large, there are various sizes to choose from.
Noisy and quiet.
It leaves very little residue during the removal process.
In office work, on the surface of the paper or on the glass. PriceEconomic.
Start with 0.
1 euro, up to 3 euros.
It is a special type of office tape that has almost invisible properties when used on paper.
It has the same use as a regular office tape.
Some people have the ability to write on it.
In office work, on the surface of the paper or on the glass. PriceEconomic.
It\'s two main pairs. sided tapes.
It is very thin and not damp.
Suitable for fixing of carpet or paper.
No residue is left after separation, there are several types and colors.
It can\'t bear enough weight.
On the market, double-sided carpet tape reinforced with fabric can also be found.
The poster on the wall, the carpet on the floor, the characteristic of the structure of the paper or cardboard. PriceEconomic.
Up to 5 euros.
This kind of tape is stronger than the carpet type and can withstand the weather conditions better.
This is a foam with several qualities for different purposes.
Their main purpose is to fix objects on the wall.
There are two basic categories in addition to individual features.
Internal and external use.
These labels are used for external use and have greater resistance to elements.
Describe the properties of heavy objects on a vertical surface.
Depending on the quality and features, it can be used for photo frames, mirrors, logos and objects that are usually fixed heavier.
Tape with very strong price economy, its name comes from woven structure.
It is usually white, gray or black.
It is waterproof and sticky.
The glue is rubber, so residue is left after removal, especially if left long enough.
The TV series \"Mythbusters\" uses a whole episode of tape and its endless uses.
General use, book binding, decoration, plumbing, outdoor maintenance, etc. PriceEconomic.
Less than 5 euros.
Although it looks like tape (
Because it also contains fabric)
It is very different.
The adhesive in the gaffer tape comes from the synthetic material, not the rubber in the tape.
So it can be removed easily without leaving sticky residue.
It is traditionally black, but there are other colors.
The surface is glossy, textured or matte.
It can withstand medium temperature and is waterproof.
General usage.
Mainly for temporary repair, leaving a residue when we don\'t want to remove it. PriceEconomic.
Up to 4 euros.
It is a universal tape with various applications.
The main feature of this tape is its elasticity and strength at low temperatures.
General features.
The price economy Gorilla tape also contains fabric, but has a greater strength than the tape and the California tape.
It is produced by the same company that produces the famous gorilla glue, which is probably the most powerful glue on the market.
Its use is almost the same as the above tape, but it is preferred when maximum strength is our main target.
White, camouflage, transparent.
General usage in cases where strength is important.
PriceMediumIt is an insulating tape with asphalt for internal and external insulation. It is self-
It has the easy bending ability of using heat.
High resistance to frost and high temperatures.
Completely waterproof.
Features of various indoor and outdoor insulation materials. PriceModerate.
Less than 10 euros per 10 euros15 meters.
It is a high strength adhesive tape suitable for outdoor repair for repair or restraint of the surface.
Usually, it can withstand high temperatures without falling off or tearing.
In a greenhouse, it is indispensable to cover holes or tears in plastic tents.
The width is usually greater than 5 cm.
Very tacky.
Outdoor, greenhouse maintenance, car, glass, plastic. PriceExpensive.
It is much more expensive than a simple transparent tape.
Depending on the quality and width, it can reach € 20.
It is a reinforced tape with fiberglass.
It has excellent durability and a variety of applications.
There are two main types of temperature resistance in the market (
For medium and very high temperatures).
Those that can withstand high temperatures are usually used for insulated silencers and exhaust pipes.
They may have aluminum, asphalt or rubber coating.
As in the photo, the medium type is usually used for home repairs (
Especially repairing wall cracks).
Characteristic insulation, repair cracks, pipeline repair.
It can also be used to connect objects together. PriceAverage.
Very high resistance to high temperature type up to 15 euros.
It is a tape consisting of two elements.
The first element is the classic paper tape, and the other is the nylon film of various sizes.
It is used to simply and quickly protect surfaces that we don\'t want to mess.
Protect the surface from pollution such as paint, dust, water, detergent, etc.
Price economics is a kind of tape that is resistant to electrolysis and chemical reaction corrosion.
The properties of electrolysis in progress.
This tape is similar to the known Velcro for fabrics and shoes, but is more sticky and more intense.
Usually it is not made of fabric but made of plastic and comes with a better, more sophisticated Velcro mechanism.
Its strength is very good and it can withstand a lot of weight.
Characteristic of industry and construction industry.
PriceAverageSandblasting tape is a heavy-duty vinyl tape that is coated with pressure sensitive adhesive with a special formula.
Specially designed for holding during sandblasting operation and clean removal without adhesive transfer or residue.
It is ideal for sandblasting templates of glass, wood, granite and other materials.
It can also be used for engraving.
Features of the sand spraying and engraving industry.
PriceAveragePVC tape has different colors.
They usually match the color of the wire (
Blue, black, gray, yellowgreen etc).
Mainly used for insulated cables.
Features electrical insulation, labeling, temporary connection of objects to each other. PriceEconomic. Ranges from 0. 5 Euro to 3 -
Up to 4 euros.
This tape consists of aluminum foil with industrial strength adhesive and is protected by a release liner before use.
It can be combined even in cold or highly humid conditions, and has a high thermal conductivity and a high resistance to temperature changes.
It is resistant to water and oil and has several variations and thickness.
It has silver, black or brown, and can usually have different substrates such as fiberglass.
Insulation properties in radiators and air conditioners.
Mainly used on metal surfaces.
A classic use is in the smoke lane of a wood stove. PriceEconomic.
Less than 5 euros.
This tape is also called self-
Merge tape or fromfusing tape.
It has many common features with asphalt tape. It is self-
Vulcanization, which means that it is combined with itself with very little pressure like a piece of paper.
For electrical or hydraulic insulation.
It has no adhesive.
Electrical or hydraulic insulation.
This tape is reversedFungus material.
Cover and seal joints for bathtubs and kitchens.
It is quite elegant with a variety of colors to choose from.
Feature joint.
This tape is fairly elastic for vibration damping applications.
It is usually very thick and there are several widths and grades to choose from depending on the usage.
Properties of insulation and vibration damping.
This type of tape is expensive and is an expanded foam tape manufactured using an open polyurethane foam that is heavily soaked through acrylic resin, resulting in flame retardant properties.
Tape produces weather under high compression
Foam seal, suitable for ventilation seal under low compression.
It is also recommended to use in more extreme weather applications and is fully UV resistant.
This expanded foam tape is provided in the form of a roll, pre-
Compressed to about 85% and bloat when turned on.
Features filling cracks and cracks, sealing around doors and windows, expansion joints, side/end rings on roof top plates, joints for portable or segmented buildings, bridge deck seals for conservatory of music, acoustic seals, wood frame construction, plumbing, sealed roof lamps, solar panel installation, caravan and mobile home manufacturing, ceiling sealing.
It is usually a brown or transparent tape, mainly used for packaging.
It is very sticky to paper and plastic.
It almost always leaves residue when it is separated.
Can be noisy or silent.
There are several levels and types that provide additional resistance (
Chemical, hot or weather conditions).
Pack and pack. PriceEconomic.
Less than 2 euros.
On the market, one can find tapes with various indications and signs, such as \"fragile\" or arrow \"^\" of sensitive materials, indicating which side is the bottom and which side is the top package.
Pack and pack.
This is a very durable tape with no elasticity.
It replaced the plastic tape (
Baling is commonly used to see photos).
Pack and pack. PriceEconomic.
Less than 5 euros.
This tape has two features.
Indicate and seal.
It is very sticky with the \"safety tape\" logo and other information printed on it.
It is used to indicate whether the packaging or equipment is turned on or tampered.
Instructions on boxes, cans, food, electronics, etc. PriceEconomic.
Less than 5 euros.
This is an eco-friendly tape with plant-based mucus (corn starch)
It\'s sticky when it\'s wet.
Perfect for sealing food or materials that do not come into contact with chemicals.
Box of packaged food. Affordable.
Less than 5 euros.
This is a tape that is magnetic attached to the black material.
The magnetic force depends on the thickness and width of the tape.
It has many applications and is very practical.
Unfortunately, it is not easy to find in the store.
Featured construction, craft production.
It is a special type of tape that is mainly used in the printing industry to provide protection for labels for daily use or external conditions.
But it can also be used for families.
It is printable and can be written on it.
Industry, mail, office features.
Pri tape is a special paper strip for decoration and crafts.
It comes from Japan and is made of plants.
Usually half.
Transparent with many colors and designs.
Can be reused after separation.
Special decoration.
This tape is mainly made of gold, silver and bronze.
Its main use is decoration and art.
Featured planning, craft production.
This tape is durable and expensive
The sliding surface provides greater traction and is very easy to install.
It has different colors (
Black, yellow, red)
The most common is black.
It can withstand weather conditions and has good wear resistance.
It is also very tacky.
The marble surface and anything we want to get extra grip on. PriceAverage.
Less than 5 euros per 20 metres.
There are also non
Soft slip belt.
These are usually reserved for places with bare feet or hands in contact, such as the bathroom.
They have several designs and shapes.
Bathroom, shower.
PriceMediumThis skin-friendly tape is mainly used for bicycle handlebars, but also for other applications in the gym and sports.
It provides extra traction for the object to be glued to, as it has a special texture to boost traction.
It has excellent durability.
There are a lot of materials to choose from, including polymer, cloth, plastic, gel or polyurethane embedded in Cork.
In addition, there is tape with adhesive or non-adhesive backing.
Gym, special handle for bicycles.
Priceaverage friction tape is a kind of tape made of cloth soaked with rubberBase glue (
Sometimes it\'s a grinding material)
Mainly used to increase grip or friction.
Because the adhesive is soaked in the fabric, there is a sticky on both sides of the friction tape. The rubber-
The base adhesive makes it an electrical insulator and provides a certain degree of liquid and corrosion protection.
In the past, friction tape was widely used by electricians, but PVC tape has replaced it in most applications today.
The friction properties of the tape come from cloth materials that are usually made of cotton.
A common use is to wrap it around the blade of the hockey stick to improve the puck control.
Another use is to wrap it around the handle of a softball or baseball bat for a better grip.
It is also useful when the car wraps the tape in the bicycle handlebar.
Characteristic wear protection for joints and connections, wire binding, electrical applications (in the past)
The blades around the Hockey stick to improve the puck control, the blades around the baseball or softball stick to improve grip.
The purpose of the edge tape is to protect the inner tube of the bicycle wheel from the damage of the spoke holes, which pierce the tube if exposed to the inside of the edge.
Rim tape has a variety of materials to choose from (
Usually rubber, tape or tough plastic)
It has different width and diameter to suit different wheel sizes.
Features inner tube Protection From spoke holes. PriceEconomic. About 2 -
6 euros per round.
It is a fabric tape measure that is easy to disassemble.
The difference here is that it is usually small in width and has many colors.
Some tapes can also be glowing.
Theater, cultural activities.
It has the ability to shine and reflect light.
Ideal for marking and road safety.
Car, road safety.
This vinyl tape is expensive and able to shine in the dark or under light.
Used to mark dangerous points in the dark.
Balcony, door, theater, garage and other facilities.
Expensive barricade tape is a brightly colored tape for warning (
Or attract the attention of passers-by)
Contains areas or situations that may be dangerous.
It is a small barrier to preventing accidental access to the area or the situation, thereby increasing overall safety.
Barrier tape is also known as Building tape or barrier tape, or a safety hazard involved in reference to notice tape, warning tape, dangerous tape, or dangerous tape.
If the tape is used by an organization called \"police tape\", fire-fighting-
Fighter tape or traffic control equipment tape.
It has different colors (
Usually white/red, black/yellow)
Or design, no adhesive.
A place or object where roadblocks are set up to prevent accidental entry.
PriceEconomicIt is a novel tape that imitates the foot of a gecko lizard.
It has strong adhesion and can withstand high pressure.
Its main use is medicine, as a substitute for stitching, but other uses may also be found in the future.
Medical features of wound healing.
Expensive Steri-
Adhesive tape is another product that intends to replace the stitching.
It has great strength and durability.
It has resistance to exercise but no resistance to water.
Medical features of wound healing.
PriceAverageThis tapes are applied to athletes by physical therapists and sports medical doctors to restore muscle damage and muscle retention.
It has excellent life and waterproof performance.
Let the skin breathe.
There are many colors and sizes.
Used to repair the skin of muscle damage.
Expensive, skin friendly, double
Tape used to hold objects in our bodies.
It is mainly used for wigs, wigs or women\'s dresses in the chest.
Wig, wig, underwear, dress.
Although the price economy is not very common, it is a kind of clothing tape.
It replaces the seams and is perfect for jeans or clothes that are hard to stitch due to elasticity.
There are several types and quality of jeans, lace, rubber clothes, etc.
The properties of the fabric permanently bonded together.
Price economics Velcro tapes mimic the function of a plant called \"Galium Aparine\", a source of inspiration for its creation.
It has two sides and one side is velvet.
Like the other one on velvet.
Just like using a small hook.
It has many colors, the most common one is black or white.
It does not contain adhesive.
Features of temporary fastening of clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.
The same is true for cable management.
PriceAverageAutoclave tape is the tape used for high pressure sterilization (
Heat and disinfect under high pressure with Steam)
Indicates whether a specific temperature is reached.
The Autoclave tape works by changing the color after being exposed to the temperature commonly used during sterilization (usually 121 °c) in the steam autoclave.
The tape is similar to the masking tape, but slightly sticky to adhere in hot and humid conditions of the autoclave.
A type of tape with diagonal marks that contain ink that changes color (
Usually beige to black)upon heating. The colour-
The replacement indicator of the tape is usually based on lead carbonate, which is broken down into lead (II)oxide.
Protect users from leadership (
Because this decomposition can occur at a mild temperature)
, Manufacturers can use resin or polymer to protect the lead carbonate layer, which is degraded under steam at high temperatures.
Features of high pressure sterilization.
The price is relatively cheap. About 4 -5 Euros.
Cable path tape is a great solution to organize cables quickly and efficiently.
This tape is coated with vinyl (
For superior durability and strength)
Apply to both sides with a cured rubber adhesive, and there is no adhesive at all in the center of the adhesive tape.
The smooth center part is the ideal choice to get the cables and wires through and can easily relocate the cables as needed.
The adhesive will remain firm on most surfaces for a long time and will not remain.
The tape has the following colors: yellow, black, yellow/black, yellow safety stripes.
Entertainment industry, warehouses, trade shows, manufacturing facilities, temporary facilities
Ups, offices, shops, retail spaces and theaters.
The expensive thread sealing tape is polysifluoride (PTFE)
Film for sealing pipe threads.
The tape is cut into a specific width and wound around the online shaft, which makes it easy to thread the winding pipe.
The threaded sealing tape is also lubricated, which allows deeper mounting of the thread and helps to prevent the thread from getting stuck when it is screwed down.
The tape can also be used as a deformed filler and thread lubricant to help seal the joint without hardening or more difficult tightening.
Pressure water system, central heating system, air compression equipment, industrial gas equipment, body perforation stretching (taping).
Priceeconomic this is a special type of PTFE tape used as a film interface patch for motion and medical applications.
It has pressure-
Sensitive Adhesive backing installed in strategic high friction areas of footwear (e. g. insoles)
To prevent and reduce friction-
Causes blisters, calluses, and foot ulcers.
Features and medical applications.
The copper belt has many common features with aluminum.
It has a high thermal conductivity and conductivity, and has a high resistance to temperature, water and oil resistance changes.
It has several width and thickness, usually in two forms in the market;
Conductive Adhesive and non
Conductive Adhesive (
More common).
Low characteristic
RF-contour track of electrical components
Antenna shield
Make and connect things using solder (e. g.
Color Glass on Tiffany\'s lamps)
The deterrent power of the snail and the snail.
PriceAverageArmaflex tape is a highly flexible elastic material that is easy to install and can be used, whether it is a tube or a plate.
It has a closed battery structure, which has a built-in steam barrier with a high resistance to water vapor transmission, enabling the insulation to maintain higher energy efficiency.
Armaflex tape is ideal for insulation tanks, pipe works, large pipes or irregular shapes.
In addition, this adhesive tape has excellent fire safety performance, which means that the fire travels at a low speed, with minimal contribution to the overall heat release and zero diffusion on the surface of the flame.
Low thermal conductivity, 0. 034 W/(m. k)
At 0 °c, good acoustic performance provides a double benefit through an insulating system.
There are several dimensions.
Insulation properties of pipes, valves, joints and fittings.
This tape is made of thin polyethylene (PE)
Widely used in agriculture, especially in vine plantations, to protect the stems of plants, as it does not harm them like other cannabislike fasteners.
It has no adhesive and in order to use it, a special tool with enough nails is needed.
It is also suitable for tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, etc, and is a good investment for farmers.
In addition, it is also ideal and easy to fix branches and plants on nurseries, greenhouses, horticultural crops, fields and bundles of branches (or flowers)
Small and large in diameter
It can be found in various widths and thicknesses.
Growth properties of plant branches (
Tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, peppers, beans, etc). PriceEconomic. About 0.
3 euros per piece.
Seed tape is a biodegradable note embedded in the seed, which is sold in many nurseries.
Seed tape can easily grow well-arranged seeds.
People just need to spread it into the ditch and cover it with soil.
It has a high germination rate and requires little or no thinning.
The seed tape is perfect, no.
The method of waste planting is also an ideal choice in the medium term
Planting between the lines.
Characteristic Agriculture, planting, greenhouse.
This adhesive tape is made up of white polyurethane foam tape, which is coated with aggressive rubber adhesive on one side.
Before use, the adhesive side is protected with a release liner.
It is mainly used for doors and windows as an insulating material for air breeze, cold, heat loss, dust and noise.
It has many sizes and widths to suit any application.
Insulation properties of doors and windows, frozen doors.
This tape is very similar to aviation-
But it\'s made up of rubber instead of foam bands.
It is also coated with corrosive rubber adhesive on one side, and the adhesive side is protected with release liner before use.
Its main use is on doors and windows as an insulating material for air breeze, cold, heat loss, dust and noise.
It has many sizes and widths to suit any application.
Insulation properties of doors and windows.
This tape consists of perforated galvanized tape.
Plumbers use it to secure pipes or water tanks, but it can also be used whenever something needs to be fixed.
It is almost indestructible and can withstand weather conditions well.
It has several sizes.
Features of heavy objects (
Pipes, storage tanks, cables, etc)
Price economy binding tape is a thin strip made of plastic material (
PVC or latex in most cases)
It is attached only to itself and does not require any adhesive.
It is usually used for pornography.
When the tape is removed, it does not stick to the hair or skin and leaves no residue.
Some tape is thick enough to be unwound, not wrinkled, and re-wound for reuse, but is usually removed simply and quickly by blunt cuttingPointed scissors
This tape is also commonly used for stretching body piercings.
Wear CharacteristicsUsageClub (
Skirts, skirts, bras, pants, etc)
, Fetish party, porn industry, body puncture.
PriceAverageFilament tape or strapping tape is pressure-
Sensitive Tape for a variety of packaging applications, such as closed corrugated boxes, reinforced packaging, bundled items, uniform pallets, etc.
It\'s under a pressure-
Sensitive adhesive coated on backing material, usually polypropylene or polyester film embedded in glass fiber wire, to increase the high tensile strength.
There are various grades of thin wire tape to choose from.
Some products have a tensile strength of up to 100 kg per cm width.
Different types and grades of adhesives are also provided.
The most common tape is 12-
24mm wide but also for other widths.
Performance requirements of corrugated cardboard boxes (
Such as full overlap, five-panel folder, full telescope)
Strengthen Packaging, bundle items, and unify pallets.
Expensive surgical tape or medical tape is a pressure-
Sensitive Tape for Medicine and first aid, for fixing a bandage or other dressing on a wound.
These tapes usually have bass bands.
Allergic adhesive, designed to hold the skin, dressing and underlying tape firmly together, but easily removed without damaging the skin. The air-
Permeable backing to prevent moisture accumulation
Improved comfort and hygiene of patients.
Surgical tape is usually white because it contains zinc oxide, which is added to prevent infection.
Wound treatment, support binding (e. g.
Bundling [neighbors]
, Fixed heavy dressing, fixed pipes, fixed heavy medical equipment, increased non-
Sliding packaging of things that must be grasped (
Tennis, hockey, etc)
, Date and name tags.
PriceEconomicSpeed tape is an aluminum-plated pressure-
Sensitive Tape for aircraft and racing minor repairs.
It is used as a temporary repair material before more permanent repairs can be made.
It looks similar to adhesive tape and sometimes goes wrong, but its adhesive is able to stick to the aircraft body or wing at a high speed, hence its name.
Characteristic protection during curing, repair non
Key components of the aircraft, patch bullet damage on fighter planes.
This is the tape used on the ice bat blade.
It is made by a non
Elastic cloth made of self-synthetic fiberadhesive.
Depending on the level of the game, this tape can only last one or two games on the blade of the hockey stick.
Features: stick the stick handle to get better grip, stick the stick blade to protect it from wear and tear, and provide grip on the ice hockey, tape the lower part of the stick shaft to prevent another player from attacking the stick from causing damage, recording with the blade from the heel to the toe, this allows players to do more spin on the puck, thus increasing the accuracy of shots or passes in Hockey and Hockey.
Cheap tapes are medical.
Type adhesive tape for socks on lower leg pads or lower leg pads to help keep them in place. The pressure-
Sensitive Tape is from
Adhesive and waterproof, elastic, so there is no risk of cutting off the leg cycle.
Shin tape is available in a variety of colors, of which transparent tape is the most popular.
Discard the Shin pad tape after use.
It is also used by people called benders (
Can\'t skate properly, so people with bent ankles)
Tie their ankles to prevent them from getting hurt.
Keep the position of socks and knee pads and keep the position of the ankle to prevent injury.
Cheap price. Fire tape is a kind of self
Adhesive for firewall, fiberglass reinforced drywall paper tape.
It is 48mm wide and has 76 rolls. 2 m long.
It is directly applied to vertical or horizontal seams of gypsum wall panels.
The tape must be wiped with a plastic blade or equivalent instrument provided by the manufacturer to apply sufficient pressure to establish full contact between the tape and the drywall.
The surface of the fireproof tape is treated with silica gel, and the mud or paint will not stick to it.
If you want to disguise the color of the fireproof tape on the exposed wall, it is recommended to apply a primer on it.
After the primer is dry, it can be coated with latex paint or mud.
In addition, the silicone on the tape surface does not let it attach to itself, so only one layer is allowed to be coated with this material.
Reduce the plaster dry wall panel finish in the firewall.
Expensive Hot
Shielding tape is an adhesive fiberglass
Aluminum back composite tape that can be used to package hoses or wires to protect hoses or wires from heat and extend their life.
Radiation and conductive heat melts, dries or breaks rubber and plastic parts in hoses and wires, causing them to leak or short circuit.
At temperatures up to 90% °c, the parts are protected by more than 1000 of the radiation heatThermo-
Shielding tape can be used for applications that are not practical or convenient to disconnect the hose or one end of the wire.
Characteristic hose and line protection from radiant heat is ideal for connecting the ends of the heat shield pipe.
Expensive Tape, also known as Tear tape or tear
Off ribbon is a narrow tape used to open the package.
Backing is usually a narrow-oriented polymer such as polypropylene, but other polymers, yarns and filaments are also used.
Many tear bands use pressure sensitive adhesive, but other tear bands use heat sensitive adhesive
Active adhesive system.
The tear tape is attached to the inner surface of the package: paper, cardboard, corrugated board or plastic film.
It is used for ordinary nondurable fast-
Mobile consumer goods such as soft drinks, groceries or toiletries, as well as tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars to help open the packaging.
Also used for express envelopes and corrugated cartons.
No matter what medium it uses, tearing tape is a simple opening device for consumers, in which it prevents the need for additional opening tools, such as scissors or knives, or excessive use of force.
Tear tape provides a guide to tear areas, allowing for more precise openings to minimize product spills.
Packaged consumer goods and tobacco products.
Double Price economy
Double sided hot tape is an efficient hot interface designed to glue the radiator to the chipset or other components that need to be strongly fixed in a hot environment.
It provides half
Permanently bonded, not designed for quick disassembly.
It consists of a PET layer sandwiched between two layers of thermal conductive acrylic adhesive.
Before use, sticky parts are protected by release pads.
Features of the CPU and radiator or radiant fins mark the substrate and housing, connecting various types of semiconductors and electronic components to the radiator.
The heat shrink belt of Price economy is a kind of environmental protection heatMelted adhesive
Olefin tape lined.
This tape is mainly used for the maintenance of cables and insulation, especially when they cannot be disconnected, there are many other uses as well.
It is very comfortable, tough, waterproof adhesive tape with a special adhesive coating that is well bonded to most surfaces over a wide temperature range.
The contraction effect realizes the special conformations of the contour, squeezing the adhesive into all the irregularities on the surface to form an effective seal.
Insulation, defense
Corrosion and repair, cable repair, tool handle.
This tape is expensive.
Grade material of reflective beads embedded in plastic.
It is usually used to mark the Cross
Sidewalks such as turn lane, HOV lane, train crossing, crosswalk, taxi Lane, bus and bike lane, parking bar and traffic guide.
There are two ways to apply the tape, covering and inlaid.
Covering the application that is being laid on the surface of the road.
Use Industry-
Grade rubber cement should last for three years once the adhesive tape is combined with the road surface.
The main obstacle to life is estimated to be snow
Plough, salt and misuse.
The tape is physically part of the asphalt.
Road workers use the heat generated during the paving process to lay special tape on the asphalt during the hardening process, and the rollers compress the two together.
The life of the prefabricated polymer Belt may vary depending on the application.
They can last 4 to 8 years if the application is correct.
Routing or movement of traffic.
This thin tape is woven from polyester and does not contain adhesive.
Mechanical reinforcement for various waterproof layers along cracks, seams and floorsWall connection
It is white and usually has the following dimensions: 1 m x 200 m, 1 m x 100 m, 10 cm x 50 m.
Insulation, waterproof, unstable base and masonry.
PriceAverageNeoprene tape is a popular synthetic elastic tape with good chemical resistance and weathering properties.
It is made of neoprene and a mixture of Ding benzene and Ding benzene.
It is a closed battery, flexible, black tape, with excellent ozone and antioxidant properties, ideal for outdoor applications and cost-effective for HVAC.
In order to better meet the needs of each project, a variety of popular gauges have provided a vinyl chloride tape.
Curb stone, door liner, window frame, dust seal, light seal, Store Fixture, soundproof, gasket, pre-expansion joint
Pouring concrete and steel, HVAC and Refrigeration, bumper.
Expensive Transfer tape, also known as application tape or \"pre-
Mask \"is the main content of digital graphics.
The reason why applied tape is called applied tape is because it transfers the cut vinyl graphics from the release pad to the base plate.
Transfer Tape is essential for most vinyl graphics work.
There are many types of application tape for indoor, outdoor, digital printing and heat transfer applications.
There are two different transmission tapes;
Paper tape and transparent or transparent tape.
Paper transfer tapeIt is composed of a paper-based mask coated with adhesive.
It is essentially industrial strength masking tape.
Like tape, it is generally translucent but not transparent.
It tends to be softer and more flexible than transparent tape.
Its main advantage is a wide range of sticky levels.
Paper straps can purchase variants with low, medium or high stickiness.
It is also often cheaper than transparent tape.
Another major advantage of the paper tape is the porous properties of the surface film.
This makes it ideal for use with applied fluids.
Because of its paper face film, it is more
A layer of color vinyl graphics with precise registration is required.
Even for single color graphics, it\'s hard to see exactly where vinyl will end.
Due to the need for a more transparent or better quality of presentation, many have chosen clear tapes.
Transparent transfer clear tape is very transparent because they are made of plastic film instead of paper.
The transparent plastic structure provides the transparency that some logo manufacturers need, because the vinyl design on the ground floor is clearly visible, making the installation easier, because the installer can accurately see the position of the letter relative to the substrate or other design elements.
The plastic film with so attractive transparent tape also makes it less practical and versatile.
It also does not work for wet applications because the fluid cannot pass through the facial membrane.
Transparent tape also tends to have a lower adhesive, so it is not so effective when transferring certain types of vinyl.
Another drawback of clearing the tape is static.
Especially in the dry environment, the plastic surface film is prone to static electricity.
This can attract dust and debris, which makes cleaning bubbles
Free transfer is more difficult.
The final limitation of transparent tape involves limited versatility.
Unlike paper tape, transparent tape for vinyl graphics cannot be used for hot press T-Shirt transfer.
Plastic surface films tend to melt at the temperature required for successful heat transfer.
There is heat resistant transparent tape for T-
Shirts are transferred but they are special products that are not suitable for standard vinyl graphic applications.
The vinyl graphics are transferred from the release pad to the feature of the substrate.
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