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Winter season tape how to save

by:Gangyuan      2020-07-06
Winter season tape 2018 - how to save 08 - 31 in the preservation of the winter season tape to consider, in general, as long as they are a comfortable temperature. Adhesive tape storage environment generally at room temperature will not affect the quality of the tape itself, maintain indoor dry drying, ventilation. In general, a transparent adhesive tape is stored in more than 10 degrees of environment, will not affect the quality of the product. If want to use adhesive tape in the case of low temperature, it is recommended to use with sticky tape. Secondly in the temperature of the sealing operation place to increase will reduce this kind of circumstance, or put the adhesive tape in the high temperature place out immediately to seal can also. When there is a tape does not stick, hand wipe sealed box adhesive tape, pressure can increase the effect of viscosity.
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