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What to do if china masking tape is damaged during shipping?
DONGGUAN CITY GANG YUAN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. makes every effort to protect the product from damage, but it cannot be fully guaranteed. If you find any damage, please write it down. Your record will be of great help if you are to file a claim against the carrier. china masking tape attaches great importance to these matters and will thoroughly examine individual cases. We are very sorry for the accident. If this happens, please contact us through any channel and we will try our best to get things done.
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GANG YUAN has been stable for years in the market of bopp tape. We will show you the double sided tape series that is most popular with customers. The manufacture of Gangyuan washi tape involves several stages. They mainly include the installations of cams, shafts, and bearing, the design of injection-molded plastic parts, fixtures, and gauges. The product can provide an excellent sealing function. duct tape is well packed before loading to containers. It will bond instantly as soon as people apply it and add pressure to it, saving the time waiting for the adhesive to cure.
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