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What kind of sealing transparent tape is a good tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-11

Due to the lack of professional knowledge of packaging tape, so in the purchase of tape sources. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing packaging tape.

Let me talk about the calculation method when choosing tape. Many people don’t know how to choose indicators when buying tapes, and many merchants sell them in a daze (some of them only know the purchase price). Now the tapes are distinguished by glue thickness, diameter, meter number, and yardage. The most standard of these is the use of meters or yards.

1. Adhesive thickness, in order to increase the thickness of the whole roll of tape, small manufacturers do not hesitate to add impurities. For the thickness of the tape calculated in microns, even adding the smallest impurity will double the thickness of the tape. This is why we see that many markets have The reason for the yellowish green tape is that impurities are involved.
2. Diameter, the most direct way is to increase the thickness of the paper tube. Many inferior tapes even have the thickness of the paper tube to 10mm.

3. The number of yards. I often see people selling tapes saying that their tapes are 1000 yards, 800 yards, and even 1500 yards. I only know that they call the circle number the yardage after looking around. First of all, understand a concept that 1 yard = 0.9144 meters. Taking this standard adhesive tape as a reference, it is 300 yards of 300*0.9144 = 274.32 meters, and the thickness of the glue is already 37mm.

1. Smell, if the smell is very strong, there is a sour smell, the holding power of this tape is very poor, especially in the low temperature environment, it will basically crack when it sticks to the carton, the stronger the smell, the stronger the initial stickiness It is very sticky, but soon the adhesive surface will dry out and lose its adhesiveness. At that time, there will be cracks on the surface of the adhesive tape. Because of uneven glue application.

2. Look at the brightness of the film. Generally, inferior tapes are dark in color. This kind of tape has a very high probability of breaking and poor strength.

3. The thickness of the hand-feeling film, the adhesive tape that feels hard film is generally inferior, and due to the film thickness, the actual number of meters will decrease. The films selected for good tapes are relatively soft and have good elongation by hand.

4. Look at the color. Generally, the whiter the appearance of the scotch tape, the less impurities the tape has, in order to ensure normal adhesiveness. The tape below 100 meters has a certain degree of transparency and the paper tube can be seen. For yellow tape, see if there are irregularly distributed white spots on the surface of the tape. Those that cannot be wiped off by hand are impurities or dried glue marks. This kind of product generally has an odor.

5. Look at the paper tube: the tape with thick paper tube is generally used to mislead consumption. The production of the tape started from abroad, so the inner diameter of the paper tube of the tape is uniform 7.6 cm, but the inferior tape has done enough work on the thickness of the paper tube.
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