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What is the reason why the sealing tape is not sticky

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-06

The following reasons should be paid attention to if the sealing tape is not sticky: 1. The product used to make the sealing tape is related to the quality of the raw material glue. The higher the solid content of the glue, the better the viscosity. For example, the glue with a solid content of about 50 is much better than the one with a solid content of 30, so its price will also vary, because the solid content of the glue directly affects its price. 2. The production of sealing tape is related to the gluing process. The thickness of the equipment glue has a certain relationship. The normal glue thickness is about 20-22. The thinner the glue is, the worse the viscosity will be. At the same time, the thicker the glue is, the better the viscosity will be. For example: the thickness of the glue, the substrate BOPP is about 55μ, it is very sticky, if it is coated with 30μ, it is not too sticky, and the viscosity of the product is directly related to the solid content of the glue. 3. Affected by other factors. For example, the substrate film is corona-treated before leaving the factory. The corona is hit on the film surface by high-frequency electron beams, so that the smooth side of the film is roughened, thereby increasing the adhesion of the glue and increasing the viscosity. 4. There are debris, particles, dust, etc. on the surface of the adhered object, which also makes it unable to stick.
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