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What is the distinguishing feature of sealing glue and how to use

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-26
Sealing glue is how to use and what are some of the characteristics of 2019 - 04 - 16 packing tape is currently the most widely used, regarding this product we have introduced a lot of, in the previous content in today's content, the use of small make up will be mainly about packing tape method and characteristics. According to stick on the surface of the junction can be divided into different BOPP/paper, polishing/paper, PET/paper, paper/paper, ink, paper, UV glazing/paper strong adhesive quickly. The adhesive and two types of extension glue and hands, also can machine glue stick printing, basically meet the enterprise now has all kinds of packaging adhesive material requirements. Features: 1. When brushing, manual besmear to brush in case of thin product also can be appropriately add water dilute, and stir evenly. Add water as the sealing glue type and glued the thickness of the material, should be controlled in 2% & ndash; 10%. 2. Can stick fast at the beginning of high-speed adhesive on automatic sealing machine, manual adhesive squeeze and a half hours. 3. Flexible, glue on the membrane surface and good polishing surface adhesion, adhesive strength. 4. Cold heat resistance, adhesion good products at 60 ℃ baking or a 10 ℃ (72 hours The refrigerator frozen room) Frozen basic remains the same, 72 hours of bonding strength products do not come unglued, film is not brittle. 5. The plastic film flexibility and long-term pressure sensitive resistance, its bonding strength retention. Use method and matters needing attention: (1) using a hand viscose, depending on the sealing glue model generally air buy 2 - after brushing glue 6 minutes, after waiting for film translucent glue again, in order to avoid the glue overflow. (2) the glue has certain moisture resistance, when reason has glue can dip in with cotton gasoline or ethyl ester solvent graze. (3) according to its fast drying, unfavorable besmear repeatedly, lest affect brushing. (4) amount of glue should be moderate, using manual brushing glue, glue quantity usually should be controlled in 100 g/m3, or depends on specific product adhesion strength requirements, the specific amount of glue can be determined according to the paper suction speed and high and low temperature. Less suction slow paper glue, glue less when air temperature is low, conversely considerably more glue. 5 hours, can enter into next working procedure. (5) when using the machine viscose, sizing amount should be controlled in discharging mouth artifacts not degum advisable, there are large amount of sizing of the glue overflow, then affects the bonding strength glue quantity is too small, the polished products by sticky resin base material is too thin can be appropriately adjusted little, so as not to come unglued at the discharge end.
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