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What is opp silent tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-12

In order to meet different applications, the adhesive tape market is developing rapidly, and products are emerging in an endless stream. In the past two years, Shenzhen Giant has developed a product called opp silent tape, so many people will wonder, what is silent tape? Does the tape still have sound? Today, the editor will introduce to you what is called Soundless tape.

We know that the opp sealing tape will produce sound when it is pulled out. Since the sealing tape is sticky, it will stick to the next layer of tape during use, and there will be a certain resistance when pulling it. If it produces a certain amount of noise, the opp silent tape developed by Giant Packaging is only developed for the purpose of not making noise during use. In fact, no, the most important feature of the silent tape is not only developed for noiselessness, but to reduce resistance during use. This silent tape is mainly used in the polarizer die-cutting industry for LCD-TFT Polarizer tear film, TFT-LCD polarizer peeling protective film, etc., the industry used to use ordinary waste discharge tape to peel off the protective film, but ordinary waste discharge tape has resistance when used, so it is easy to make waste discharge The tape is stretched and deformed. It is not smooth when tearing the film. When the LCM presses the polarizer, the polarizer is transferred to the liquid crystal pressing plate, and there will be a breakdown. Therefore, Giant Packaging has conducted research on the problem of this row of waste tearing film. In Giant With the efforts of packaging R&D personnel, we finally developed opp silent tape, which is applied to LCD-TFT polarizer tear film, TFT-LCD polarizer peel-off protective film, polarizer peel-off protective film, LCD polarizer, backlight peel-off protective film, Special waste discharge tape Silent tape for peeling off the protective film of the polarizer.
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