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What factors affect the toughness of the sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-03

When the transparent yellow sealing tape product is used too much force or slightly stretched when sealing the packaged items, the tape is prone to breakage or snapping. This is due to the different toughness of the tape itself. There are two direct factors that directly affect the occurrence of such situations in the sealing tape as follows: 1. The quality of the base material of the sealing tape: the base material of the tape is divided into a variety of substrates. Some tapes are easily broken transparent sealing tapes, because the base material or substrate of the tape is very easy to tear. 2. The base material of the sealing tape itself has relatively good toughness. This type of tape is very strong when used to pack and package items or goods. The packaging safety factor of the goods is high, and it is difficult to tear off by hand. Cutting must be done with the aid of a knife or tool. 3. There is a certain misleading: the thicker the thickness of the tape base material or the same substrate, the better the toughness of the tape will be, thus misleading consumers to buy transparent sealing tape with good toughness. Thick clear packing tape. The main thing that directly affects the toughness of the tape is the base material or substrate of the tape, and the thickness produced by the subsequent processing of the tape has little effect on the toughness, which is not the most direct factor.
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