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What factors affect the stickiness of sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-30

When using sealing tape, you may encounter situations such as how the tape is viscous or viscous force decreases or does not stick, and there are many factors that affect the viscous or holding force of the tape. For example: the sealing tape is kept for a long time and is damp, which reduces the viscosity. How to avoid and understand the factors affecting the stickiness or holding force of adhesive tape are as follows: 1. Electronegativity of adherend and adhesive: Electronegativity is the electrostatic force between two oppositely charged substances. Acidic substances generally appear as positive points, while alkaline substances generally appear as negative points. According to the principle of positive and negative attraction, the greater the electronegativity between the adherend and the adhesive, the tighter the adhesion. 2. The degree of acid-base difference between the adherend and the adhesive: the degree of acid-base difference refers to the difference between the pH values ​​of the two substances. The larger the difference, the better the bond. 3. High temperature: Using sealing tape in a high temperature environment will gradually reduce the viscosity over time, because high temperature will destroy the essence of ordinary sealing tape, thereby reducing its stickiness. 4. Low temperature or deep cold: When the low temperature of the tape reaches -10°C, the adhesiveness of the sealing tape will also be affected. 5. Moisture or soaking in water (soaked in water): Moisture affects the bonding strength in two ways. The tape will lose its strength and hardness due to hydrolysis in a hot and humid environment, and even liquefy in severe cases. The water will also penetrate into the adhesive layer to replace the adhesive on the bonding interface, which directly affects the factors that reduce the stickiness of the tape.
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