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What are the main characteristics of sealing tape?

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-03

Main features of sealing tape
High-quality and high-performance tape, even in harsh weather, its function is good, suitable for sealing goods in warehouses, shipping containers, and preventing goods from being stolen, illegally opened, etc. Supply up to 6 colors and different sizes of forms Neutral and personalized box sealing tape
Instant Adhesive Power--The sealing tape is sticky and firm immediately. Fixing ability-even with only a small pressure, it can be glued to the workpiece according to your ideas.
Easy Tear-Tears easily from the roll without tape stretching and dragging. Controlled Unwinding - The sealing tape can be pulled off the roll in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight.
Flexibility--The sealing tape can easily adapt to the shape of the sharp change of the curve.
Thin profile - Carton sealing tape does not leave thick edge buildup.
Lubricity--The sealing tape feels very smooth and will not irritate the hand when pressed by hand.
Transfer Resistant--The sealing tape will not leave adhesive after removal.
Solvent Resistant--The backing of the sealing tape is resistant to solvent penetration.
Fragmentation Resistant - Box sealing tape will not splinter.
Anti-retraction - the sealing tape can expand along the surface of the curve without retraction and disengagement.
Anti-peeling - paint will adhere tightly to the backing material of the sealing tape.
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