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What are the effects of tightness on the quality of sealing tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-28

The process of sealing tape from semi-finished products to finished products is slitting and rewinding from the machine. The sealing tape product itself has a certain tension, and the tightness of the tape can be directly adjusted on the slitting machine to ensure that the tightness of the sealing tape meets the corresponding requirements. The sealing tape that meets the standard requirements has no gaps, and the degree of glue and air combination is small, which can prolong the shelf life of the tape and retain the adhesive force (sticking force) of the tape to the maximum extent. In addition, for inferior tapes, since the tape master rolls may contain impurities or uneven glue coating during the production process, there will be no obvious failures at that time after the finished product is cut and rolled. There will be gaps in the tightness of the finished coil of the box tape, which is a typical manifestation of the tightness of the coil. For example, the surface of the product that is tightly rolled by the sealing tape is flat during use, which is convenient and easy to find the opening of the tape.
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