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What are the advantages of stretch stretch film

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-28

Stretch stretch film has the characteristics of good stretchability, tear resistance, strong penetration resistance, high transparency, good self-adhesiveness, high shrinkage rate, tight packaging, and no looseness. The advantages of stretch film products are as follows: 1. The product has high transparency, which is conducive to cargo identification. 2. The high longitudinal elongation of the product is conducive to pre-stretching and saving material consumption. 3. The product has excellent puncture performance and transverse tear strength. 4. The product is an environmentally friendly recyclable material, tasteless, non-toxic, and can be directly packaged for food. 5. The package of items can avoid the damage caused by binding to the goods, and has good anti-loose, rain-proof, dust-proof and so on. 6. It is impossible for traditional packaging methods (bundling, packaging, tape, etc.) to use stretch wrapping film product packaging to make the items evenly stressed and avoid damage to the items due to uneven force.
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