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To prevent the occurrence of fracture packing tape

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-17
To prevent the occurrence of fracture sealing tape method - 2018 07 - 29 tape factory production of sealing tape generally used in the packaging, and convenient to use widely, however, in use process, if the fracture problem how to solve it. In today's content to, small make up will share prevent fracture of the sealing tape measures, the following is a detail. If it is just use tape, you don't use a knife directly in the middle row, but from both ends open, cannot too deep under the knife of time, because the thickness of the carton is very thin, once under the knife is too hard, will make it will cut into the above contact packing tape. Then there is the tip or sharp objects to avoid as far as possible to contact the packing tape, and in the process of use of packaging tape, colloid also have sharp stuff can't contact, packing tape is fragile, do not have damage. Summary: in fact tape new rupture is regular, if has been cut off from one place, perhaps this packing tape has a damage.
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