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Tips for Removing Scotch Tape Residue

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-26

In our daily life, we will encounter labels and trademarks on many products that are pasted on them, and after being torn off, there will be a layer of rubber bottom remaining on them and it is difficult to clean them off. There are also adhesive tapes and glues that are usually used to stick things or need to be torn apart deliberately. Some of the adhesive tapes will naturally loosen and fall due to aging over time. At this time, there will often be residual dirt on the rubber bottom and it is difficult to clear. The following are tips for removing scotch tape residues: 1. Use oil painting pen washing liquid (turpentine oil) and use facial tissue to dip a little pen washing liquid to wipe the place with tape marks. The glued part will automatically absorb on the facial tissue, and the stickiness It disappears as easily as dust is swept away by paper soaked in water, and the price is relatively affordable, you can buy it at an art supply store. 2. The transparent glue loses the bound water in the middle of the tape during the pasting process, and the bond is tight. You can use the principle of similar dissolves, continue to use new tape to slowly stick the original old tape, or you can directly use gasoline or banana water. Of course, the effect of water is the most unsatisfactory, and water is also more effective. It is difficult to remove, and sometimes even cannot be removed. 3. If the area is not large, you can consider using an eraser. You can also consider using expired hand care and skin care products, and apply it on the rubber surface to replenish the bound water in the tape and reduce its viscosity, so that the effect of removing traces will be much better. 4. You can use a mixture of soap and a little ammonia water and turpentine, which can remove a lot of dirt and make the glass surface more shiny. This method is only suitable for ceramic tiles, ceramics, and glass materials. 5. You can use toothpaste to smear the remaining glue on the surface, and then scrub it with a rag for about 10 minutes.
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