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The use of stationery tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-28

As soon as we hear the stationery tape, we know which category it belongs to, because the name of the stationery tape has already told us that it is the most used in office and belongs to the stationery category. Stationery tape can help us do different things. What can't be done without scotch tape, the following is the introduction of the use of stationery tape: 1. We can use it to modify words, because the stationery tape is small, so we will not cause mistakes to be repaired to other places when we modify. Also because of its small size, students can carry it with them when taking exams. 2. It can be used to repair some things that are not seriously damaged. For example, if a small part of the notebook is broken, we can use stationery tape to repair it. It will not occupy most of the other seats when repairing like a large scotch tape, causing The picture is not very good. Third, we can also use it as a hand account. It is a way that we can use to record our lives and plan our time.
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