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The use of adhesive tape in electronics

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-20
We now use the tape is made of some very good tape material, now of the electronic product screen saver with protective film or tape, the tape it need high transparency, scratch-resistant, prevent damage, to paste the content itself played a very good protection effect. Our mobile phones, for example, if there is no protective tape, the mobile phone is easy to dirty. You can took out his mobile phone to see, if like this, even we also added a mobile phone on the back of mobile phone shell, also have the effect of protection. We often can see the sticker on the roadside stall, often a street is more than one such booth. Thus, our requirements for protective tape is very big. But we must choose a good protective film, can better protect your mobile phone your computer, a lot of people buy mobile phones directly when I was in the store the paster, price is several times more expensive than that of stalls, reason is that the quality is good, get the trust of the customer. And crepe paper, electronic components, used for capacitor crepe paper strip packing; Used with kraft paper belt; Suitable for paint spraying engineering or other ordinary paint edge of use; Used for precision plating is covered with chrome without plating parts; Shielding of spray, spray paint, electroplating, the line version ( PCB) Processing, electrical insulation products, transformers, coils, etc.
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