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The use and characteristics of tape master roll

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-20

Tape master roll refers to the sealing tape used in industry, which is mainly used in industrial transportation. It is suitable for the shipment of containers, and is widely used in carton sealing packaging, warehouse sealing goods, product sealing and fixing, sealing transparent packaging and sealing tape finished product cutting. The characteristics of tape master rolls: high-quality and high-performance tape master rolls can maintain stable performance even in extremely harsh climates. Tape master rolls have excellent adhesion, initial adhesion, good stickiness, stretch High strength, light weight, easy to use. The structure of the tape master roll: the BOPP film master roll is used as the base material, and the surface of the BOPP film is roughened after high-voltage corona treatment, and the water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive tape master roll is evenly coated after heating, and the tape master roll It is mainly used in the tape slitting factory, which can be cut into different specifications of BOPP sealing tape products used in daily life according to the needs of customers.
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