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The thermal degradation process of sharing adhesives

by:Gangyuan      2020-07-05
The thermal degradation process of 2018 - share adhesives 07 - 10 printing adhesive tape and packing tape is widely used in our daily life, the medial is coated with a layer of adhesive tape, such ability can stick on other objects. So, in the process of tape production adhesive thermal degradation is an important step, it determines the production of adhesive tape quality and service life. Thermal degradation process, the adhesive tape adhesives depolymerization molecules from the chain began to fracture, generates free radicals, then franchising degradation, monomer produce quickly. The reverse of chain polymerization reaction process. PMMA at 300 ℃; Its degradation is depolymerization reaction, but most into monomer. Side base to eliminate side base polymer, when heated to removal substituent, the last main chain rupture. Polyoxyethylene - in 100 120 ℃ began to take off the oxidation of hydrogen, the color yellow, & 200 deg; C the dehydrochlorination acceleration, the color is darker, intensity variation. In addition the tape factory in the process of thermal degradation products of adhesives, random chain scission random faults on the main chain of the molecule, molecular weight falling fast, but not unit yield, the implications for the use of the tape is very big still.
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