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The role of masking tape in home decoration

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-22

Masking tape products play a convenient, fast and beautiful role in various high-end places or home decoration. This product has good stickiness, good softness and good fit, and can be removed quickly without leaving any glue residue. In the decoration of homes or various places, the most troublesome thing is the residual glue of the tape, which is difficult to deal with and affects the appearance. Choose masking tape products to solve this trouble for you, so that your decoration is no longer troublesome, and you don't need to spend unreasonable money to buy decoration wallpaper, saving money, time and effort. Masking tape is based on crepe paper and coated with imported pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. It is commonly known as masking pressure-sensitive adhesive tape in the industry. It is suitable for building decoration, painting, spray painting, color separation, painting and masking at room temperature. This product is softer than ordinary household wallpaper, and is more suitable for construction sites and interior and exterior decoration. It has good adhesion and good adhesion and shielding properties to most smooth material surfaces. It is very suitable for decoration in various high-end places or homes. To the convenient, fast and beautiful effect.
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