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The production process on the aluminum foil tape

by:Gangyuan      2020-06-18
Production process of 2018 - on the aluminum foil tape 12 - 04 aluminum foil tape production the whole process from raw material added to the plastic particles blown film machine, blow into a plastic film, the width in 1. 3 m or so. According to the tape. Then choose a different plastic particles, and adding some special additives. After blown film, the film on to the good coating on the coating glue, actually this process is selected according to the viscosity and the use of aluminum foil tape needed to glue, such as coating is the aluminum foil tape. Just now or wide 1. Length of 3 M, with hundreds of M great volumes of plastic film, not to separate. Then we just need to put the large volume of plastic film through a rewinding machine, and then back into a small roll of the film, it can be according to our usual use the length of the aluminum foil tape required for rewinding. The small film rewinding can then use cutting machine cutting into use at ordinary times the width of the aluminum foil tape need, such as 1 cm wide or other width can be. Aluminum foil tape production the most greatest influence to see the quality link is blown film and coating the two processes. Because these two processes is the semi-finished products, and then the rewinding. Cutting these on the influence of aluminum foil tape is smaller.
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