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The production process of the quality analysis of scotch tape

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-19

Whether it is in our daily life or work, we often use scotch tape, especially now that tape is widely used in e-commerce and logistics, and tape is often used to pack cartons, and tape always emits a kind of difficulty during use. smell, especially in summer. Of course, the sealing tapes produced by many manufacturers basically meet the requirements of environmental protection and will not have any impact on people's health. The transparent tape is based on the original BOPP film after high-voltage corona, then the surface is roughened, and then coated with glue. Divided into small rolls, it is the tape we use every day.

First of all, the smell, if the smell is very strong, there is a sour smell, this kind of tape has poor retention, especially in a low temperature environment, basically sticking to the carton will break, the stronger the smell, the stickiness is very sticky at first, but Dries out quickly and loses gel. At that time, there will be cracks on the surface of the tape. Due to the uneven relationship between the glue.

Second, look at the brightness of the film. Generally, inferior tapes are dark. This kind of tape has a high probability of being broken and has poor strength. Third, usually compare the thickness of the film by hand, feel the band of the dura mater, and the actual number of meters will be reduced due to the thickness of the film. The film of a good tape is relatively soft and can be stretched by hand.

When the tape manufacturer produces the tape, the temperature must be higher than 5°C, the structure of the anti-corrosion layer should be -5°Carry out above C. For immediate good bond strength on the belt when the ambient temperature is below 10°C, it is preferred to use a torch to heat the steel pipe and the baking belt. For welding seams, if necessary, narrow strips with a width of 30-50mm should be used for reinforcement. Firstly, the welding seams should be reinforced, and then compacted with hand or wooden smooth tools. To use suitable machine or hand tools, spirally wrap the tape around the primed pipe according to lap splice requirements. The tape should maintain a certain tension so that the tape layers are tightly connected.
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