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The production principle of printing sealing tape, how is it manufactured?

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-09

Speaking of sealing tape, many people first think of the tape on the express box. With the rapid development of e-commerce logistics at home and abroad, the tape industry is also ushering in a good development trend. Especially in express logistics, there is common printing and sealing tape; it has gradually replaced the traditional scotch tape! Next, come with the editor to learn more about the sealing tape!

1. Advantages of printing and sealing tape

1. Low cost and high cost performance

Price is a concern of every consumer. The price of printing and sealing tape is low, and it is fully affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. While being able to seal the box stably, it also plays a role in brand promotion. Compared with other promotion methods, the promotion cost is low, economical and practical, and the cost performance is extremely high.

2. Environmentally friendly and beautiful

Now the country strongly supports environmental protection, and all walks of life are also responding to the call for printing and sealing tape, mainly using Bopp as the base material, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and has played a very good leading role in environmental protection issues. And it has a variety of colors, such as red, blue, green, orange, etc., which can be selected and matched according to the color of the product. It can also play a role in decoration and beautification without affecting the product.

3. Good publicity effect

Printing the promotional information, logo or brand of the company and enterprise on the printing sealing tape can increase the exposure of the company or enterprise, let more people know their brand, and also play a very good anti-counterfeiting effect.

4. Good sealing effect

Printed sealing tape can perfectly inherit the characteristics of transparent sealing tape, and has a good sealing effect.

2. Can the sealing tape be used under high and low temperature?

If the sealing tape is used at high temperature, it will shrink the sealing tape, degumming the sealing tape, and the tape is easily broken or broken, and it cannot be pasted here, resulting in waste.

The use of sealing tape at low temperature will greatly reduce the viscosity of the sealing tape, because the glue is extremely easy to solidify at low temperature, and the temperature is too low, and the surface of the paste is not cleaned, which will also make the tape unable to stick Firmly, the adhesiveness of the tape decreases.

Through the above, we know that the sealing tape cannot be used at high temperature, and its best use temperature is about 15~30°C.

3. How to judge whether the sealing tape material is qualified

1. Smell: See if the sealing tape has a strong sour smell. If there is, it is a poor-quality tape coated with low-quality glue.

2. Look at the color: Use the naked eye to see if it is yellow. This kind of BOPP material is poor. Ordinary light yellow and off-white are better, indicating that it contains less impurities, high purity, and corresponding toughness.

3. Test the pulling force of the sealing tape: pull out a part of the tape and pull it apart by hand to see if it can withstand strong pulling.

4. Test the stickiness of the sealing tape: generally manual testing is enough. Pull a roll of tape and paste it on the carton and then tear it off to see if the carton paper is torn off together. If it is torn off together, it proves that the tape is sticky. Be careful not to use it. Test the stickiness of the tape with your palm, be sure to test it on the carton.

5. Measuring the thickness of sealing box tape: Generally, the thickness of the tape on the market ranges from 40u-60u (the thickness of the glue and BOPP film), and of course the price is also very different. The 60u tape is very thick, but with the same thickness, the length is shorter, and the 40u tape is long, but very thin and easy to break. The tape produced by Jinghua Tape Factory is a 52u film, with the best length and toughness.

6. Measuring the length and width of the whole roll of sealing box tape: Because the length of the tape is difficult to measure, many tapes on the market have a false report of the length. Even tapes with the same thickness may also be caused by factors such as the thickness, size, and winding tightness of the paper tube. The length of use is different, so the durability of the tape can only be felt after the actual operation.
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