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The problems that need to be paid attention to when making printing tape include the following aspects

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-10

I believe that for many enterprises, it is a very good choice to use adhesive tape for packaging, especially when packaging some cartons, it is very convenient to use such materials, but how to choose among them? Let's take a look together.

The first is to choose the width of the tape. This is very important. As a merchant, when customizing tapes, he must provide the manufacturer with the specific weight of the box he is packing and the size and shape of the goods. This way they can better judge from experience how wide the polybag should be made. Because these tapes need to be made a template before the actual production, if only the weight of the internal goods is changed, such a template will also be redone. Therefore, if it is determined to be unreasonable, it will cause very serious losses to the purchasing customers, and it will also be wasted. Because once the tape is made too narrow, it is impossible to achieve a good packaging effect, and if it is too wide, it will cause waste of materials and increase costs.

The second is the viscosity of the tape. I believe that many people know this. If you know that the adhesive tape is not viscous enough, it is easy to burst after it is packaged. At this time, the items in the box will leak out and fall on the floor, causing losses. If you don't know much about this aspect, it is recommended to consult Mond Packaging properly. They are very researched in this aspect and can give you the most reasonable suggestions.

Finally, there is the choice of style. Because the general text content is provided by the customer who needs to purchase, after all, each company has its own exclusive trademark and promotional slogan, and what kind of content is printed on the printing tape at this time needs to be studied very carefully. It cannot damage some of the characteristics of the tape itself, and at the same time, it needs to carry some information of the company as much as possible. Therefore, at this time, as a customer, it is necessary to provide this information and design a relevant sample. After the two parties discuss and confirm, it can be used in actual production, so that the tape made can be more in line with the requirements of use.

The above are a few issues that everyone needs to pay attention to when making printing tapes. The summary may not be particularly comprehensive, but these points are relatively important. If you can think about it, other aspects can be properly relaxed. Help reduce costs. Because this kind of material is used a lot in daily life, and even many manufacturers will use this kind of printing tape to promote their companies, so the above aspects can be considered, which is effective for It is very useful for the company to be known by more people and get more customers, so in this case, these issues need to be carefully considered.
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