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The principle and characteristics of stretch stretch film

by:Gangyuan      2022-12-27

A product on the market can have multiple names. Stretch stretch film can be called stretch film, stretch film, stretch stretch film, stretch stretch film, etc. Stretch stretch film can bundle products into a unit compactly by virtue of the super winding force and retractability of the film, and there are no sharp edges and stickiness, and there is no looseness and separation of products even in adverse environments. Stretch stretch film has the advantages of strong toughness, high elasticity, tear resistance, high viscosity, thin thickness, cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, dust proof, oil proof, moisture proof, water proof, single-sided sticky and double-sided sticky, etc. It can save materials, save labor and save time during use. When in use, in order for the stretch film to wrap the packaged items tightly, the film needs to be stretched first and then wrapped around the object. Stretch film has the following characteristics: 1. Strong tensile strength: it has both super tensile strength and impact-resistant ductility. 2. Small elongation rate: maintain tension for a long time. 3. Strong temperature resistance: it will not deform when used below 120 degrees. 4. Good flexibility: no sharp edges, safe operation, neither hurting hands nor damaging objects to be tied. 5. Low cost: high benefit and low cost.
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