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The influence of the quality of the substrate masking paper on the masking tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-02

What impact does the quality of the substrate masking paper have on the production of masking tape products? The following aspects should be paid attention to: 1. Dry and wet tension: dry tension is to ensure that the substrate textured paper will not be broken during unwinding, rewinding, slitting, and use; wet tension is to ensure the texture of the substrate is beautiful. The textured paper is not cut during the coating and gluing process. The dry and wet tensile force should be tested separately in the longitudinal direction and the transverse direction, because the aspect ratio of substrate paper from different manufacturers is quite different, the largest aspect ratio can reach 3.2, while the smallest is 1.2. The longitudinal tension is the most important, while the horizontal tension is too small will affect the use. 2. Impermeability: When coating water-based adhesive or solvent-based adhesive, the adhesive cannot penetrate to the back. 3. Absorption of glue: It is necessary to ensure that a certain thickness of glue layer can be coated on the surface of the paper raw material. Excessive or improper anti-seepage treatment or waterproof treatment of some paper leads to poor absorption of glue. After the scraper or scraper process, the glue cannot hang or is easily taken away, and the paper surface cannot reach a certain amount of glue. Thus affecting the quality of masking tape products. 4. Temperature resistance: Masking tape has different temperature resistance grades. The temperature resistance of normal temperature type is below 60°C; the temperature resistance of medium temperature type is about 80°C; the temperature resistance of high temperature type is about 100°C. The appropriate temperature resistance grade should be selected according to the use and conditions of use of the masking tape. 5. Softness: For the masking tape to achieve good adhesion with the surface to be adhered, the softness of the substrate masking paper must be good. 6. Bonding force of glue: Some textured papers with poor substrates have poor bonding force with coating glue, and the adhesive layer is easy to transfer after being coated into a roll or the adhesive is easy to detach from the paper surface during use.
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