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The impact of sealing tape on the environment and the necessity of developing degradable bopp sealing tape!

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-04

In recent years, the demand for sealing tape has been increasing, and the Xiangpiaopiao milk tea that circles the earth several times is already out, because the sealing tape can circle the earth hundreds of times. Then some friends will be worried, if the amount of sealing tape is so large, will it have an impact on the environment? Today, the giant editor will introduce to you the impact of the sealing tape on the environment and the countermeasures!

The base material of the sealing tape is Bopp film, so the sealing tape is also called bopp sealing tape. The bopp film is made of the melt of high molecular weight polypropylene through a narrow and long machine head to make a sheet or thick film, and then in a special drawing machine. In the stretching machine, at a certain temperature and a set speed, stretching is carried out in two vertical directions simultaneously or step by step, and the film is made by proper cooling or heat treatment or special processing. This kind of film has the advantages of high cost performance, convenient use and wide application, but the fly in the ointment is that this kind of film is not easy to degrade. The disposal of Bopp sealing tape is difficult to degrade in the natural environment, and it will take at least several years or even decades, thus causing serious white pollution!

So how to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by sealing tape? Many customers will choose to use kraft tape and wet paper adhesive tape to seal the box. The material of these two adhesive tapes is kraft paper, which is easy to degrade, so the pollution to the environment is relatively small, but the cost of these two adhesive tapes is relatively High, and it is not as convenient to use as bopp sealing tape. So, is there a better way?

Degradable bopp sealing tape will become the development trend of the future sealing tape industry. What is degradable bopp sealing tape? Degradable bopp sealing tape uses BOPP degradable film as the base material. BOPP degradable film is a degradable film realized on the basis of basically not changing the original performance of BOPP film by adding degradable additives to PP particles. It does not affect transportation, storage and use. Only after being discarded, such as being thrown into a garbage dump, the product will begin to crack, disintegrate and finally be completely biodegraded under the joint action of microorganisms, damp heat and oxygen, effectively eliminating white pollution. Green. However, the production and application technology of bopp degradable film is not very mature at present, and it will take a period of hard work before it can be more widely used.
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