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The effect of carton on the stickiness of sealing tape and its test method

by:Gangyuan      2023-01-23

Due to the high sizing density and smooth surface of some cartons, it is easy to make the transparent sealing tape difficult to adhere to, so that when the product is sealed, the sealing tape is prone to popping off or not sticking firmly. Thereby effective sealing can not be carried out. Usually, for the cardboard paper used as the sealing surface paper, we should carry out the adhesive tape test. The specific method is: take a moderately viscous transparent tape, stick it on the cardboard, and then tear the tape to separate it from the cardboard. If the surface layer of the cardboard can be torn off, It is enough to show that this sealing tape is suitable for the carton sealing. If it can be easily separated and the surface of the cardboard is not damaged, it means that the cardboard is not suitable for tape sealing.
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