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The difference between water glue and oil glue on double-sided tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-04

The main reason for double-sided adhesive tape is that the glue used is very different. Common glues are divided into double-sided adhesive oil glue and water glue, and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive. How to distinguish double-sided adhesive oil glue from water glue or hot-melt Pressure sensitive adhesive too! Now let's briefly introduce their characteristics: Double-sided adhesive glue is made by emulsifying acrylic or polyurethane resin through special emulsification equipment with water as a solvent. Its biggest advantages are: many varieties, environmental protection, and low price. Now many coatings are made of water-soluble adhesives, such as: general water-soluble PA, water-soluble PU and other functional pastes. Water solubility will be the direction of coating in the future due to its functionality, environmental protection and low price. The disadvantages are poor film-forming property, poor washing fastness, PU cannot be pasted with hot air adhesive, and it is not suitable for foaming products such as sponge and foam. Double-sided adhesive oil glue is made by dissolving acrylic acid or polyurethane in oily solvent (toluene, DMF, methyl ethyl ketone, etc.) as a solvent. Its advantages are good film-forming properties and good fastness. PU can be pasted with hot-air adhesive, which is a commonly used coating adhesive at present. The disadvantage is that due to the use of oily solvents, there is a lack of environmental protection. Especially now that the price of oil has risen, the price of oily solvents has risen all the way. Most of the coating adhesives use relatively poor oily solvents due to the high cost, resulting in Environmental protection is not up to standard. In addition, with the further improvement of environmental protection standards in various countries, the environmental protection requirements for coating adhesives are getting higher and higher. The hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive used as the adhesive of double-sided tape is a kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is mainly composed of synthetic rubber, resin and rubber oil, etc., which are mixed and heated into a liquid state, and then coated on tissue paper, cloth or plastic film and other substrates. A new type of adhesive tape is made, the low cost is its biggest advantage, and the defect is that the viscosity is significantly affected by temperature. Mainly used for various sealing, box sealing, paper packaging, beverage bottle labels, sealing aluminum foil, flexible packaging and other packaging, environmentally friendly paper pallets, etc., suitable for various materials. When we buy double-sided tape, we must not only look at the cheap price, but also know the environment in which it is used, and choose the type of double-sided tape suitable for the corresponding purpose.
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