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The difference between synthetic rubber cloth tape and natural rubber cloth tape

by:Gangyuan      2023-02-03

We all know that the most basic difference between synthetic rubber cloth tape and natural rubber cloth tape is their different materials. One is natural. Natural rubber tape mainly comes from rubber trees. When the skin of this rubber tree is cut open, milky white juice will flow out, which is called latex. The latex is condensed, washed, shaped, and dried to obtain natural rubber. The other is synthesis. Synthetic rubber tape is made by artificial synthesis. Different types of rubber can be synthesized by using different raw materials (monomers). Of course, in addition to the above differences, what are the differences between them? There are three main differences between synthetic rubber cloth-based tape and natural rubber cloth-based tape: 1. Different international standards: natural rubber cloth-based tape generally meets international environmental protection certification. Comply with EU ROHS directive standard. It can fully meet the international general environmental protection requirements. The synthetic rubber cloth base tape cannot meet this international environmental protection requirement. Two: Smell the taste: Users can smell the taste of the cloth tape glue, the taste of the two tapes is obviously different. The surface of natural rubber cloth tape has the taste of natural rubber, while the surface of synthetic rubber cloth tape has no taste of natural rubber. Three: Burn with fire: Users can also put the two tapes at close range and light them with a lighter to find the difference between them. After the synthetic rubber cloth base tape burns, there will be boiling glue melting, while the natural rubber will not have this phenomenon.
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